Mill Street Brewery

21 A Tank House Lane
Toronto, ON M5A 3C4

A chain that has begun to spread throughout Canada’s major cities, Mill Street Brewery has about half a dozen breweries and brewpubs around Canada, most centered around high-traffic areas in the pedestrian areas. Bright and well-branded, the chain has a well-rounded menu of pub grub favorites and, of course, a mix of beers to match. The outdoor patio and expansive indoor drinking hall definitely feels like a memorable experience, but the same can’t be said of the food or the beer.

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The menu has some pretty simple things. On the beer menu:

  • Meridian Amber Lager: Award-winning. The citrus and toasted malt are forward and warm and wonderful. Best with grilled meat, which makes it a good summertime ale.
  • Tankhouse Organic Ale: Ales are naturally a bit lighter, and the citrus and spice are the dominant flavors here. Another medium body ale. Kind of simple though.
  • West Coast Style IPA: West Coast IPAs tend to reduce some of that more bitter notes with something a bit citrusy. Medium body, and with a 6.6 ABV it’s not too heavy for the strength.
  • Cobblestone Nitro Stout: Thick, dark and chewy as a stout. Slight hints of toasted malt and walnuts. So it’s probably my favorite on the menu.

And on the food menu:

  • Angus Burger: The classic hamburger, a patty automatically cooked well done and with lettuce, tomato, shoestring pickles and mayo on the top and bottom buns. The mayo adds some flavor to the thing, but the burger is kind of boilerplate. The fries are not good.
  • Malaysian Chicken Curry: Featuring Kaffir lime leaves, chilies, peanuts and ginger, the coconut milk base adds a little bit of a creamy consistency, but it’s nowhere near as fragrant as advertised. Some fragrant rice does neutralize a bit but compared to the many traditional restaurants in the city, this one leaves something to be desired.

The bar has some commendable qualities, to be sure, like the organic beers and some of the environmentally conscious endeavors. But as the food goes, it’s kind of forgettable. The beers are hit and miss too, some of the better-known ones are worth a taste but others can fall through the cracks. All in all, this is kind of a good place for a sports bar experience, kind of an easy and safe experience. But beyond that, I think there are better breweries, better food places, and better dives around Canada.


  • The bar is good for those outdoor spaces especially, but it also has a giant beer hall inside. Good to bring a group of people, though the prices are elevated.
  • The food is kind of forgettable, I suggest it’s more of a place to drink.
  • There are a lot of organic beers here if you like them.

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