Amadeu’s Dining Lounge

184 Augusta Ave.
Toronto, ON M5T 2L6
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Kensington Market near downtown Toronto has an enormous variety of foods in its close-in food stalls and shops, and as far as these locations go, Amadeu’s Lounge is huge by comparison, and features an expansive patio where people like to congregate on warm days. This restaurant is an old-style full-service establishment unlike some of those more modern takes. Generally offering Latin American cuisine and specifically Peruvian food, it’s going to be a little different from those other experiences, but as the full spate of local regulars will attest, there are reasons to come back.

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In this tourist and student-heavy destination, all of the more modern restaurants draw people with the more sleek environment, but relatively speaking this restaurant feels a little old fashioned. And in a good way. It’s about the food. Some things to try:

  • Peruvian Burger: This one is generously covered with Peruvian spices to give it a great deal more dimension than your typical burger. It’s juicy and cooked well done by default, but make no mistake, the spices and things you bite into here have a huge amount of dimension. Served with fries.
  • Rigatoni: A vegetarian dish, this one has ample pasta with a huge number of veggies, including peppers, mushrooms and asparagus. It’s served with a pretty light sauce that has some very unique qualities. Nice and light, though it could use some more spices to prevent it from ending up a bland dish.

The restaurant is best known for its music attractions. True to the name, lots of musical numbers perform here, and there is a steady stream of regulars who like to come in for lunch or evenings, hang out and enjoy a drink on that outdoor area. Not necessarily geared to the younger audience from the university nearby, or the Chinatown demographic, this one has nonetheless attracted a following, which says something.

The prices are pretty normal given the other restaurants in this area. The service is very attentive and the people here really do make it a pleasant old-fashioned restaurant experience. To see a peaceful holdout in the higher-key neighborhood, this is one you’ll want to visit.


  • The patio is the biggest and most relaxing in the dense Kensington market.
  • Attracts an older population to be sure, but also a musically-inclined one.
  • The drink menu has a lot of imported beers.

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