High Bank Distillery

1051 Goodale Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43212

There are many areas of Grandview Heights that have become popular and filled with interesting bar concepts that cater to the young. 5th, King and Grandview at this point are all packed. One decidedly quiet street though has been Gooddale, historically an industrial corridor.

That is, until now.  With the expansion of the nearby Grandview Yard and the growth in the number of people living and working in the area, demand for night spots has followed. In this world, High Bank Distillery has thrived thus far, its contemporary American cuisine matching well with a menu of distilled spirits and cocktails.

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The bar has a short menu of food but everything is powerful by itself. Every ingredient is intentionally sourced from the Central Ohio area. Some of the things that I liked:

  • High Bank Burger: The beef comes from RL Valley Ranch in Athens Ohio, served up as a double-decker cheeseburger with two beef patties cooked well done. Braised onions and a spicy ketchup with fresh chopped tomatoes top the thick and wonderful sandwich, which is served inside an everything bagel.
  • Prosciutto and Fig salad: This thick mixed salad has a medley of greens, berries and beets, goat cheese and a honey-based vinaigrette. A bit of prosciutto with its saltiness adds a nice touch, but not too much.
  • Tomato bisque: Wonderful light soup, low on the butter which is good, and yet that fresh tomato is creamy nonetheless.
  • Biscuits and gravy: A special menu item. Thick and crunchy biscuits and meaty gravy that’s a little spicy.
  • Wings: Absolutely drenched in a thick sauce. Barbecue is a good plain-jane take. Or do Spicy Korean–made with hot gochujang paste–to step it up.
  • Chicken sandwich: Lettuce, tomato, onion, and a “ranch mayo” combination make this good to nosh. Quickly though, the brioche gets soggy almost immediately. 

Then there are the cocktails! There are so many wonderful things to try, many of which made with High Bank’s whiskey, gin and vodka. Some of the things to get:

  • Pineapple Moscow mule: High Bank’s vodka mixed in with lime, pineapple and bitters with an assertive ginger flavor.
  • Blackberry julep: Whiskey and fresh mint is supposed to make the classic cocktail on the rocks, but this one is garnished with a pleasant background blackberry flavor.
  • Blueberry Sour: Muddled blueberries, lemon and simple syrup. Classic summertime drink.
  • High C: Vodka, orange, grapefruit and lemon zest. Kinda like a mimosa. But a little more layered.

The bar is, as of now, relatively easy to visit during the slower lunch hours, but don’t let it fool you. The bar is full in the evenings, with many people seeking to try those nice cocktails and spirits. Service though, comes remarkable quickly and the price points, on par with what you’ll find at other places in town, are definitely fair.


  • There is plenty of parking on the street and in the neighborhood to the north. Watch traffic though, it moves fast through this area.
  • Spirits are a must-try. Don’t ignore them!
  • The food is good all the time, but lunch hours it’s usually emptier here.

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