North High Brewing

1288 N High St.
Columbus, OH 43201


Built out in what seems like an old post office on North High Street, this brewery takes advantage of two distinct audiences: the college crowd coming from Ohio State University to the north, and the young professionals with expendable income occupying Short North to the south. It could easily be thought of as a hang out spot, and one of the newer ones to spring up along a very cool avenue of Columbus. Make no mistake though, the beers to be to try here are very memorable.

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The menu was considerable and always has a lot of beers on tap, here’s what to try:

  • Honey Wheat Lager: Probably the most crushable  beer in the lineup, it has a slight sweetness that makes it really charming.
  • Grapefruit Walleye: Happy on the citrus tat the front, maybe one of the better done grapefruit beers that comes to mind. Doesn’t let the citrus overwhelm.
  • New Orleans Coffee Golden Ale: Golden coffee ales are tricky, they have a coffee flavors on the front and yet the body is not too strong. It’s kind of refreshing, the dichotomy between strong flavor and light body.
  • Wildcard English Ale: The traditional English style of beer it’s kind of an austere take on the ale, and very balanced.
  • Yeoman Pils: Another of the lighter options for a drink at North High, this drink touts a wonderful, effervescent aroma and a gentle sip.
  • Tree Tapper Maple Brown: A middleweight brown ale, this one does have that ever-so-sweet maple syrup aftertaste. Just a hint though!
  • Milk Stout: Thick and very chewy, this beer is full and heavy all the way. But that velvety head and sweet flavor almost makes it taste like chocolate milk.

The bar itself has kind of a neighborhood watering hole feel, avoiding too much of a commercial appeal in favor of something that is a little more local and a little more unique. Coming in during the slower hours during weekdays, the bartenders to be very conversational and friendly. During the weekends when things are little busier, it’s still usually lower-key here than most other bars along High Street, so that’s an appeal.

High Street is increasingly urbanized and so it can be hard to find a quiet bar to just enjoy some time with people the way that you used to be able to. Of course changing times demand changing businesses, and this one manages that low-key vibe with a wonderful, wonderful set of beers that really impress. While many of those beers have since been tapped by other bars in the city, this is an instance where going to the source and coming here for the beers is worthwhile.


  • Food options here are a little bit thin, I might suggest a place to get a snack but not really one that is fit for a full meal.
  • This bar is a little lower key option on High Street, maybe good for avoiding crowds.
  • The best news on the menu or the lighter ales in the darker heavier nitro styles.

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