Slice Slice Baby

Cincinnati-area food truck

A food truck that tends to hang around Cincinnati and its suburbs, Slice Slice Baby is a pretty common sight at food truck rallies and other similar bog people gatherings in those warm Ohio summers. The menu is very, very short. And in those settings, pizza by the slice is always a perfect way to go on the night. Get one (or two or…) and you’re all set for a lawn chair festival or a walk through one of the many wonderful parks or neighborhoods of the City on Seven Hills.

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The pizza here is generally kind of the classic, traditional Midwestern style. That is to say, thick crust just enough that it’s probably not practical to fold (though people do) and served up in big slices dripping with cheese, toppings and other toppings. Some food to try:

  • Pepperoni: Classic and wonderful, of course, simply topped with a smattering of pepperonis. Probably best if you dab this one with a napkin because the oil can pool on the slice and drip on you otherwise.
  • Ballpark Sausage: A specialty pie that evokes baseball and the Reds.  A crush drizzled with butter and then topped with a sweet Italian sausage, sauteed onions and peppers. Cheese and sauce ties it all together. A little bit sweet, but also has just a little of that wonderful spice to it. Keeps you full and packed with a few different kinds of flavor!

The food truck was founded by known local pizza gurus Buzzy Adriatico and Mikey Moore, and though they have run restaurants, the food truck, they say, is a labor of love. It’s extra convenient that this shop serves as a mobile oven, and they can cater, host parties, and do other things with a focus on the greater Cincinnati area. With pizza at four bucks a slice, it’s just too convenient to ignore, and that’s a big plus considering you’ll be finding this place at fests where you’re probably going to be hungry.


  • A slice is four bucks a pop, and they do take cards which is very convenient.
  • Need a place to cater in the Greater Cincinnati area? This is a cool option.
  • Want to find the truck? It has a schedule on its website that’s going to be the first place to find it.

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