Sushi Hana

1501 Lyons Road
Centerville, OH 45066

While it’s nestled into a strip center in south Dayton’s suburbs, Sushi Hana has attracted a cult following for its menu — a mix of Korean and Japanese food, in a neighborhood where this combination isn’t necessarily easy to come by, with a few notable exceptions. The restaurant has an expansive menu of favorites, but it could use an update on the inside. As for the food? It depends on what you order.

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The mix of Japanese and Korean specialties is good and there’s a definite demand in the south Dayton area. Some things I tried:

  • Sashimi: A variety of fresh cut fish including tuna, salmon, octopus and yellowfin among a few other types. Sashimi typically does its best when it stands alone and ordering a plate for two will be perfect if you want to enjoy some fresh fish. It’ll set you back though — a plate for two is $50. And still, I might suggest getting some noodles on the side.
  • Sushi: The sushi dishes also are pretty simple — no novelty rolls here. The key is the quality of the fish, and the fresh cuts make is great. So this is one of the things that tends to draw people and it does not disappoint.
  • Yakisoba: Buckwheat noodles stir-fries with veggies and a choice of meat. Good for one person but two can share it if need be. That said, when I tried them I found the to be a bit on the dry side and they run a little oily too. But that might be a case of sitting too long as other dishes were prepared.
  • Tempura Udon: Big fat noodles in a broth with veggies. And for good measure, served with some fried shrimp, sweet potato and a few other bits. I like the variety, though.
  • Agedashi Tofu: A good appetizer, this one comes piping hot and lightly fried, but with a nice soy-based dipping sauce. I found it a little bland, though.

While there is a good menu and a popularity among the locals, there’s also kind of a dated feel on the inside. Wood panels. Low light. Blinds drawn. I do feel like the place could use an update. Not just for its own sake — the lighting doesn’t do the food well — but also because the Japanese and Korean dishes offered here can be found in a few other places in Dayton too, and they tend to be newer, Asian fusion concepts that pay very close attention to appearance. Comparatively, I don’t think this is the kind of place that would impress a date.

So, the experience here can be hit and miss. It just depends on what you get.


  • The sushi and sashimi plates are what people typically like here too, though take advantage of some hard-to-find Korean dishes like bibimbap too.
  • Probably a good place to go with a group of friends, but the environment might not fit quite so well for a romantic evening.
  • There’s a cheaper lunch menu as well.

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