Forest City Shuffleboard

4506 Lorain Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44102

First and foremost, Forest City is a bar serving Cleveland’s west suburbs as a place to go and pay shuffleboard. It’s got the expansive town hall feel inside, plenty of folks coming in to play games during the day, and many a tournament on the weekends. So in that regard, the food is kind of an afterthought. But when you’re drinking and have some kind of activity to distract you, inevitably you’ll get a little bit hungry and they have prepared for that. The menu is mostly a couple of different dishes that can be customized in a few different ways but not too bad for snacks.

So the menu here is mostly about the munchies — things you can snack on while you’re drinking and enjoying some shuffleboard. First and foremost there would be fries (or “house frites”). And what a spread of them! Some of the options:

  • “The Plain Deal:” If you like your snacks plain-jane, this would be the choice. A basket of fries with a dry rub and an aioli if you like. Simple and sweet.
  • “The Cheesy Bacon:” All the favorites in this gut-buster, but the freshness of the scallions, with the smokiness of the bacon, really make your day. The cheese sauce is great too, because you get that wonderful, messy experience from this one.
  • “The House:” Garlic herb encrusted fries drenched in a tomato aioli which adds a bit of natural sweetness and just a hint of smoke from the roasted tomato. Again you’re probably going to have messy fingers at the end, which says something about how delicious they are as you pick one after another out of the pile.

You know, you don’t typically expect to see “gourmet fries” without rolling your eyes. It’s kind of a gimmick. But this is not one of those times. These confections really are delicious and some of the better fries I’ve had in Cleveland.

Of course food here is a sideshow to a main event that is about far more than eating. But while you’re at this spot for a game or two, I would say not to ignore the snacks you find while you’re there. Certainly not a place you can expect to have a full meal, but while you’re waiting on dinner, there’s definitely a few things to tide you over.

A fun little concept. With a simple and comfortable feel on the inside. Worth a visit.


  • Don’t plan on a meal here, these snacks aren’t going to fill you up, but they’re good for that big beer menu and not too bad for an afternoon.
  • Reserve shuffleboards in advance for best result.
  • Tournaments and big shuffleboard gatherings to actually make this a place with regulars. So it can be full on the nights and weekends.

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