1911 Grill

1067 N. Main St.
Speedway, IN 46224
1911 Grill opened just down the street from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and is named in honor of the year of the first Indianapolis 500 race. This restaurant is actually a modern sports bar and taproom with a funny little distinction of being set inside an indoor go-kart track, so you can watch the karts go by on one side and see the Colts or the Pacers. Of course, like much of Speedway, Indiana, this spot is part of the enormous attraction that the race track brings, and a lot of people from out of town surge in on event weekend to give it a try.

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The food is American grub standard, and there are some great things to try. Among them:

  • Jumbo Pork Tenderloin: Indiana is famous for its enormous pork tenderloin sandwiches, so it should be no surprise this is one of the suggested dishes here. It’s an enormous pounded pork tenderloin cooked or fried (they highly suggest you have it fried) and served in a sandwich with lettuce, tomato, mayo and more. It’s big, and you’ve been warned about that. But crispy and delicious!
  • Beyond Beef Burger: A vegan burger equivalent for the healthier eater, this kind of burger is more and more popular these days. This plant based protein is pretty darn close to tasting like beef, though not all the way there. This ingredient is all in how it’s handled, and in this case it’s handled perfectly. Good with veggies if you prefer them.

The bar is a pretty pleasant place to hang out, of course it’s mostly about the sports and the beer so it tends to draw a captive audience. The wait is just a bit longer than is normal, I would think, but no less good for that.

The bar is kind of an experience; the O’Gara family created it with a wide audience in mind. The two-floor bar is casual, friendly and very approachable, and importantly, it tends to manage a crowd well, which is crucial when you’re more than likely here on an event weekend. It’s no wonder the place gets mentioned for its food and atmosphere in the local news.

If you’re an out of towner, you’ll likely be looking for somewhere to grab a bite to eat. This one is pretty representative of Indiana.


  • The signature dishes like the pork tenderloin are worth a first try if you like the local food.
  • Events draw bigger traffic — much bigger. Wait times are longer then but otherwise it’s fine.
  • This is kind of a fun for all ages spot. There’s an arcade upstairs, a scenic second floor and of course the go karts are a blast.

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