Kung Fu Tea

1161 Kenny Centre Mall
Columbus, OH 43220

Having grown into a substantial tea brand, Kung Fu Tea tends to locate itself all over the country, with franchising having expanded it from New England outward and now many major cities have a location or two. Each shop is pretty straightforward, it’s a take-and-walk tea concept with plenty of charm. Pick a flavor, add some sweetness and extra things if you like, such as the signature tapioca pearls, and then take it for a walk if you like. There are a huge number of flavors to try, and I suggest you give it a go.

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The tea menu lets you customize everything you like; there’s a core flavor you pick, and you select a size for that flavor, then you pick a sweetness. Honestly, I recommend a reduction in the sweetness as a 100 percent might sound “normal” but in practice it’s a real sugar rush. Some suggestions:

  • Oolong tea: This flavor is based on the very basic black tea that is so popular in China. It’s pretty straightforward and if you like tea, this one will be a definite good option. A 50 percent sweetness will heighten it a bit.
  • Matcha tea: The matcha flavor is a beloved, signature that is probably more popular in Asia than it is in the U.S. where it’s more commonly just “green tea.” Probably 25 percent sweetness is plenty on this one, because that matcha, er green tea, already goes such a long way.
  • Pumpkin oolong tea: Probably a flavor that became best consumed in the winter months, but the flavor is available year-round. The tapioca pearls are a good addition here too, though maybe 50 percent sweetness is best.
  • Honey Tea: Naturally a little sweeter than normal versions, so I would recommend lowering the sweetness. Still it’s a pretty good sip.
  • Egg Tart: This bubble tea shop does have the occasional baked dessert. The tart has a thick flaky crust and a gooey custard filling, only a bit sweet.

In practice, Kung Fu Tea tends to locate itself in very walkable places and that’s a good idea — because really, you don’t need to sit down to enjoy the tea and it’s more of a snack to take while shopping anyway. Though, if you do want to sit and enjoy your drink there is a dine-in place to do so.

Bubble tea has been popular in Asia but its awareness is growing in the U.S. So it’s good to see a chain line this one grow and be so successful. This tea is good.


  • Sweet is the normal kind of drink here, so look out for that — a 100 percent sweetness is probably too much. Most drinks are good at 50 percent. It’ll save you some calories, too.
  • There are some snacks and other things on the menu but it’s not highly visible, I think.
  • Also, if you can, I suggest getting on the mailing list if you love the place, there are deals to be found there.

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