Fukuryu Ramen

1600 West Lane Ave, Suite 160
Upper Arlington, OH 43221
Opening its doors for the first time in Melbourne, Australia, Fukuryu Ramen is a business dedicated to bringing interesting Japanese ramen bowls to the west. But fortune favors the bold, so instead of becoming a local chain, the restaurant picked a very, very different place for a second location — Columbus, Ohio. Now it’s got two restaurants here, as well as a sizable fan base brought on by clever social media strategies that ensure it makes as big a bang as it can. As dining in the capital city goes, this place simply can’t be missed.

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The menu is short and sweet: ramen bowls are the mainstay and some of those other Asian Fusion favorites make an appearance as well.

  • Tonkotsu: The signature ramen dish, and the taste is in the broth! Made with pork bones for a clever, fulfilling umami.
  • Shoyu Ramen: This ramen comes with a dark broth, and it’s seasoned with a bit of soy sauce. Tokyo-style noodles like these tend to be heavier. Delicious, but a bit on the salty end. Some of that chili paste livens this one up a lot.
  • Shio Ramen: The base broth here is a bit lighter, and seasoned with sea salt. Altogether it’s a little more basic of a ramen bowl but not to be underestimated. It’s delicious!
  • Miso Ramen: Probably one to taste if you’re most familiar with miso soup. It’s elevated with a fish and pork based broth. A little bit of corn and onions top it off.
  • Red Dragon: Thick and very spicy ramen. It comes in three levels, “below a jalapeno, above a jalapeno, and ridiculous.” So hot and so good.
  • Tam Tam Ramen: Lightly spiced pork bone broth, topped with braised pork belly and ground chili pork. Light heat, memorable for how the salty broth unites all the elements. 
  • Gyoza: Nice, seared dumplings with a sweet sauce. A good appetizer for two.
  • Fries: Crispy and served in a basket, distinctly not Japanese but that’s just fine. To sweeten the deal, served with a nice pineapple mayo that adds a unique twist. Nice to munch on as an app.
  • Matcha Ice Cream: Probably pretty standard soft-serve ic cream, the added charm of green tea gives it a distinctly Japanese tint. Nice, especially when it’s a dessert they give out a lot; you see it’s free with an Instagram post.

With a cool vibe that exudes a little bit of edge, this concept really does just seem like a cool place to eat. That’s a part of the charm. The prices are high-normal, but the food is absolutely worth experiencing at least once. Make a point to give it a try.


  • Social Media is a big part of the place’s charm. Post to Instagram, and get a free ice cream. Convenient to do right there in the store if you’re a little hungry.
  • The U.S. stores also have a buy ten, get one free deal for the ramen. Make sure you ask for a card while you order your first time so you don’t miss out on this one.
  • Some of the ramen is a bit on the salty end, though you might also like the place if you like spicy soups.

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