Milestone 229

229 Civic Center Drive
Columbus, OH 43215

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Probably one of the nicest views you can get while dining in Columbus comes in the stout little building along riverfront at the Scioto Mile. Surprise! A restaurant is there, and a pretty good one at that. A hang-out spot for the many offices nearby during the day, and a watering hole for the growing downtown population at night, you’d be remiss to lose out on the chance to experience Milestone 229 while dining in downtown. It’s a larger experience very worth having.

The food is delicious. Some of the things here that I really liked:

  • Roasted Turkey Club: Bacon, turkey, smoked balsamic onions and arugula smothered with an apple butter for good measure. Toasted for good measure. This sandwich is a masterpiece; the thick salty meats and the sweet butter are counterpoints, but crispy onions and greens tie them together and it’s a perfect combination.
  • Chicken breast: A roasted chicken served with a sweet but slightly tangy barbecue sauce. Maybe sounds pedestrian but a nice comfort dish with green beans and mac and cheese.
  • Fries: Come in three basic varieties: A regular, a sweet potato and a mouth-puckering salt and vinegar variety, one which I very much recommend.
  • Roasted Mushroom Pizza: Piled high in mushrooms, onions and savory cheese. The crust is the star of the show, not too think and not too thin. This one definitely feels like a classy pizza and that’s the appeal.
  • Cherry Tomato Caprese Pizza: A simpler flatbread topped with olive oil, mozzarella, basil pesto, and a simple balsamic-based drizzle. Simpler flavors shine through on this beautiful pie, but there isn’t too much cheese which makes it a worthy shared item.
  • Four Snacks: A great foursome: Bacon-wrapped dates with a smokey finish, salty pickle slices, crunchy walnuts and a creamy pimento cheese with crackers for dipping.
  • Pretzels: Huge, overwhelming pretzel sticks with a thick beer cheese. Probably one of the favorite things people get here. Highly recommended as a starter, best when shared among two to three.

For cocktails:

  • Kiwi Smash: Hornitos Cristalino Añejo tequila, lime, kiwi, simple syrup. Order this one with the sugar reduced, you’ll gain a lot from the freshness.
  • Rico Pepino: Sombra mezcal, cucumber, simple syrup, lime. The real wonderful thing is the “asada” rim, a seasoned salt that accentuates the smokey mezcal.

The restaurant features beautiful riverfront views of the Scioto River and downtown, and that’s definitely a plus when you think about it as a place for a date or a business lunch. There’s an extensive patio, which makes it popular for the downtown crowd during the day and into the evening as well. The price points are a bit higher than normal as a result, but it’s nothing unreasonable to be sure.

I’ve never had something here I didn’t like. At lunch and at dinner, it’s a full house here but well worth the time and wait. All in all I highly recommend Milestone 229, it’s got to be one of the better lunch options in downtown Columbus.


  • Reservations are highly recommended, given how much people like coming here to eat.
  • This is a good place to enjoy a long meal, don’t forget about the appetizers and pay attention to the great cocktail menu.
  • I like the lunch menu, so it’s a cheaper place to start trying the food.

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