The Wicked ‘Wich of Dayton

Dayton-area food truck
websiteEver since it was launched a few years ago, The Wicked Wich of Dayton has been good at two things: Finding its way to city gatherings and happenings around town, and hitting you with interesting, unusual and fun combinations for street food. The whimsical, creative food you’re going to get here, is the conception of Katie Marks and her crew. Grab a bite to eat here, and you won’t forget it.

The menu has a core set of sandwiches that people have come to grow and love, but there are always new things popping up. Here’s what I tried:

  • Lady Marmalade: A turkey sandwich with white cheddar melted on top, a little orange marmalade, cilantro, and to top it off some sliced almonds. Kind of an off-the-wall combo, right? Surprising. The turkey adds a salty element, and the cheese gives it a smooth texture. The marmalade is sweet and then the almonds have a crunch. Put all of that together? You’ve got a heck of an experience in a sandwich. Masterful.
  • Smoked Out: Smoked sausage, smoked Gouda, diced onion, and a spread of black raspberry preserves. This sandwich is a little lighter, but a similar theme emerges: the smokiness of the cheese and the sausage combines nicely with a very heavy, savory taste. Then you get some sweetening from that preserves and, finally, a really nice smokiness to finish it off.

The city really rallied around this place last year when Marks said she might close it down, and it was that much better a story when she said she was coming back. Dayton needs the whimsical, the creative and the unusual dining like this to really shake things up.

Refreshing to see this truck shaking things up a little. And very nice to see it sticking around. This is one you’ll remember for sure.


  • You’re going to be trying something unusual if you give this truck a try. Keep an open mind! You’ll like what you see I think.
  • Wicked ‘Wich is very active on Facebook, and there you’ll be able to find where they are going from day to day.
  • An interesting extra concept – now you can order online! Let them know in advance what you like and it will be ready by the time you get to the truck.

Wicked Wich of Dayton Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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