Persis Indian Grill

9486 N. Springboro Pike
Miamisburg, OH 45342
There aren’t a lot of larger chains of Indian food around the middle U.S., in large part because these restaurants seem to be by and large independent affairs. Persis Indian Grill is an exception, with 16 locations, most clustered around the Midwestern and Southern United States. Each location is primarily focused on convenience: a hefty business for take-out passes through the doors on weeknights and on the weekend, a buffet spread offers a chance to try some new and different Indian food.

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The restaurant can be experienced during weekdays as more of a formal sit-down establishment, and on the weekend it’s a casual buffet. Some of the dishes that I liked:

  • Chicken biriyani: A rice-based dish with grilled chicken and eggs. The fresh lime adds a lot so don’t forget it! I also suggest this one is great if you order it hot, but be ready to drink a lot!
  • Apollo fish: An Indian specialty of fried cod fish served in a spicy red curry-based sauce. In this case it’s got chopped onions and some other herbs. It’s crunchy, it’s got a warm heat and it’s hard to forget.
  • Saag: The classic spinach-based dish that you can get with potatoes (saag paneer) or chickpeas or something else to mellow it, and while it’s a veggie dish, it’s still delicious.
  • Mango lassi: This thick yogurt-based drink is a good option to cool you down for those spicy dishes. Good as a dessert, too.

The shop is clean and that all-white decor is a nice look. Service is good, but at times it can be a little slow, especially if it’s during a weekend rush. That said, the food by itself is pretty good and, notably, the buffet food doesn’t become too dry or tasteless because it’s left out for too long.

If you’re looking for an introduction to Indian food, especially some of the less common dishes, this will be a good place to give a try.


  • There’s a weekend buffet at some locations, not always well publicized, but it’s a great chance to try a dozen or more good dishes without having to commit to one.
  • Otherwise, the restaurant is less busy on the weeknights to dine-in so might be a better higher-end experience.
  • The food here comes very spicy by default. Watch for that!

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