Un Mundo Cafe

117 S. Fountain Ave.
Springfield, OH 45502
websiteUn Mundo Cafe (Springfield, OH)3 stars

Un Mundo Cafe is a cute little coffee shop set up in downtown Springfield, Ohio. Specializing in local, organic and fair trade goodies, this shop has a lot of charm and a bit of local popularity. Its menu, an assortment of meticulously-sourced drinks, baked goodies, and sandwiches. In practice, this spot serves as a nice area to spend time if you’re spending time in downtown Springfield; it’s close to city hall and some of the other big employers, and it’s one of the best options if you want to support a local business over a chain. Behind this shop is the Level family, baking goodies and brewing coffee with a conscience.

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The menu is pretty complex. Un Mundo’s focus on local and unique means it’s got a few things on tap that you just can’t find anywhere else. Some of the things I tried:

  • Coffee: The shop has always got a few kinds of beans on the menu, offering Deeper Roots coffee and a few other varieties. Options have different kinds of flavors, but the coffee is good by itself.
  • Latte: Not too sweet! This latte has a frothy texture of course, but it’s not using sugar to blur out the great flavor of that coffee. For that reason it’s probably my favorite drink.
  • Bagels: Good for a breakfast, served with a cream cheese and plenty filling if you’re needing something hearty. I did like the pumpernickel.
  • Muffins: Enormous, and touting that big fluffy top that everybody loves. Probably best with a cup of black coffee, this one is sweeter and counterbalances that nice coffee flavor well!

The shop tends to draw people at all hours of the day and can be pretty full even at hours you didn’t expect. A Friday morning just about every seat was taken but that’s normal as people look to stretch their legs outside the office. But earlier in the week, the Tuesday and Wednesday mornings find the place pretty busy, too. That should say it all, the local love for the place is palpable.

Downtown Springfield is full of surprises. Places like this do impress. The local focus, the careful attention to the ingredients, the experience whether you’re here for a morning coffee or to stimulate your mind with an evening poetry reading. In towns like Springfield, the coffee shop can be the modern day town hall. And in that role, Un Mundo finds its place well.


  • The shop is a bit busier in the mornings toward the end of the week, so make sure to keep that in mind.
  • Evening events like poetry readings are options if you want to be here nights.
  • Don’t forget the sandwiches and baked goods. Just as good as the drinks.

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