Warehouse 4 Coffee

335 S Dixie Dr.
Vandalia, OH 45377
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Vandalia, north of Dayton, is served by a few really nice local breakfast spots that aren’t well appreciated unless you live in that particular suburb. As for the local spot for coffee? For the past few years, Warehouse 4 Coffee has really built a following. Opened on South Dixie Drive with a drive through, you step into this place and it has the feel of an industrial building to be sure. With a setting that is peaceful and easy to settle in, and a good menu of drinks and things to eat, this is a place worth a return visit.

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The menu is primarily coffee drinks and breakfast food, though it does dabble into heavier dinner cuisine now and again. Some things worth trying:

  • Coffee: The shop uses beans from Counter Culture Coffee and the options for a brew range from relatively mild to a darker and more deep roast. Great by itself.
  • Hot Cocoa: This cocoa is extra sweet and sugary, nice to add to a morning, though it’s assertively chocolate.
  • Chai Latte: As chai goes, they’re liberal on the chai, so it’s just a bit spicy, but that foam from the drink has added a nice smooth texture that makes it that much nicer for the casual drinker.
  • Scone: Baked in little bun holders to make them very crunchy on the outside and filled with fruit or chocolate chips to your liking. These are good to share.
  • Muffin: Baked in the same manner as the scone, the end result is very similar, though it’s a but softer.
  • Breakfast sandwich: In fact, these biscuit sandwiches have scrambled eggs with a bit of bacon or sausage if you like it. Heavy, sturdy and delicious to be certain, though by itself a little dry just for lack of a sauce. Makes it that much better with a good coffee, though.

The coffee shop is friendly, the food takes a bit of time to come to you but nothing unreasonable. More importantly, the shop is spacious and there’s plenty of room to spread out and spend a little bit of quality time here.

Price points here are pretty reasonable and, what’s more, the place just is too friendly not to be attracted to. A shop like this is worth a visit and it’s definitely a good place to grab a cup and spend a little time hanging out.


  • The shop does some good food especially for breakfast, some things beyond snacks and some good lunch dishes.
  • This venue also brings people out in the evenings for music now and again.
  • There is a drive-through if you like it, good to take drinks and go.

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