Crafted & Cured

531 Wayne Ave.
Dayton, OH 45410

In a long vacant building on the edge of Dayton‘s famous  Oregon District, a group of guys decided to try something really exciting. This unique setup  features of line of tiny shops each with its own theme, offering something of a global experience. The first of these, though, is Crafted and Cured. The interesting combination of a tap room and deli, you come here to drink mainly, but if you get hungry it offers a menu of charcuterie boards, each custom made to your liking my hand as you watch. This is certainly not the kind of experience you might expect to have a date in, but a lot about this place is surprising. And in that way, it’s invigorating.

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The restaurant here is separate from the more newly-opened joint on the attached buildings next door, the District Provisions are generally run by other restaurateurs so should be looked at differently. What’s on the menu in the main room in the building speaks for itself.

There isn’t a set menu to be sure; only a set of different cuts of meat and cheeses to be served on a tray and ordered to your liking. Each tray is made to order, so it can take some time to bring you the food at this spot, which is otherwise mostly a day-drinking location. But that said, you really need to experience this kind of food.

Sit at the bar and watch your charcuterie board being made, and have a conversation with the guys making it happen. Watching them carve a beef leg, combine honeys, spreads and cheeses, and prepare a unique masterpiece on each board. It’s unique, and it’s delightful.

Crafted & Cured opened its doors as a kind of first in the Dayton dining scene: A place that was to redefine the local craft community. In that way, it really does provide something that isn’t elsewhere in the city, and it’s for that reason people have immediately taken to it, especially the people who like to hang around downtown.

Odds are, you will come to this bar primarily as a place to have some beers and hang out. While you’re doing that, though, odds are good you’ll work up and appetite, and the snacks on the menu here can’t be forgotten in the meantime. This is one of those rare dining experiences that will really leave you wowed and walking away feeling you’ve experienced something new. Go for it.


  • Probably not a place to go if you’re really hungry (there are other food options nearby that would better suit you.)
  • The extensive beer menu makes this a great place to hang out for awhile.
  • Be patient and strike up a conversation with the guy making your board! The people here are a big part of the charm.

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