Our Hero East Coast Original Subs

2983 Derr Rd.
Springfield, OH 45503

A relatively straightforward operation that has a few locations all focused on Springfield, Ohio, Our Hero East Coast Original Subs is a wonderful local dive that primarily deals in sandwiches, “hero” subs and convenient, fast food to take and eat. These kind of places have suffered as bigger chains came in and supplanted them, but not the case in this town, where the sub shops are crowded with locals of all stripes during the busy lunch hour. It’s pleasant in a simple way, kind of a small town pleasure that is overlooked by people passing through.

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The menu here is a pretty straight shot: Out Hero is all about the sandwiches, specifically the “hero” style subs. Indeed, you can order each of them in a few sizes to your liking, and if you prefer, chips or a side. Some of the things I tried:

  • Steak Philly: What’s a sub shop without a Philly right? The Steak Philly here comes on a thick bun, stacked high with seared steak and topped with a cheese of your choice and some onions to your liking. Good, and simple.
  • Bacon, lettuce and tomato: The subs come in every stripe, and the BLT is no exception. This one is topped with half a dozen strips of bacon, lettuce, and a generous portion of mayo. The bread is toasted, too, to add an extra crunch. What else is there to say? This sandwich is exactly as described. And that’s a wonderful thing.

The little local sandwich shop is a lost art in many places. I’m not convinced that a place like this could survive outside of Springfield, and that’s a great thing. Because in this town, the locals have a lot of love for it, and that speaks volumes. They’re not out to reinvent the wheel, these folks. They’re here to feed the neighborhood, and in doing so they’ve built a name that was effectively invisible outside of Springfield, but invaluable inside of it.

Local places like this have a lot of appeal, and it can’t quite be described what they bring to the communities around them. Places like this are easy to support. They’re just so darn welcoming.


  • Don’t forget other options if you don’t want a sandwich; soups, salads and other kinds of lunch options are robust here.
  • Pay attention to the different sizes you can order on these subs because they’re in a few sizes that are good to take and walk with.
  • This place is pretty crowded at lunch time, but it’s also pretty convenient and fast for take-out.

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