The Keep at LeVeque Tower

50 W. Broad St.
Columbus, OH 43215

The very historic LeVeque Tower in downtown Columbus has recently completed a renovation that has giving new life to the beautiful building, and one of the notable additions has been The Keep. A “modern French brasserie” that brings a very contemporary space and adds a substantially stylish menu of sandwiches, seafood and finer dining. There are a burgeoning number of restaurant to enjoy in downtown Columbus, but this one has very quickly attracted attention and gained high acclaim from the local media. To be certain, that kind of acclaim is well deserved.

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The menu keeps a very classic French vibe, a raw bar and many surf and turf plates to be had, but there are also some contemporary plates to be had, as well. Some of the things I tried:

  • Banh Mi: Similar, but not an exact, replica of the Vietnamese favorite, this sandwich is actually a grilled chicken sandwich with pickled veggies, cilantro and an aioli. It’s not quite the same as the real thing, though such a creative take on a typical sandwich is worth a mention.
  • Verte Salad: A light option of greens and dried fruits with the strong flavor of apples, walnuts and an ever-so-slight balsamic to top it. Artful in its subtlety.
  • Smoked Whitefish Rillette: It is unusual to see this cooking technique in Columbus, let alone for fish. Normally a pork dish, the meet is heavily salted and cook until it can be shredded. Then it is served almost as if it is a spread.  You know, it’s not bad at all as an appetizer for a few people. A bit more bread would be nice though.

Environment is very important in restaurants, but it’s even more so important when the restaurant is inside a historic structure. LeVeque Tower Was built in 1926 and that beautiful Art Deco building has turned heads in downtown Columbus for decades. In 2017, it got a contemporary refresh and a major renovation that brought this restaurant and as well as a hotel in some residences upstairs. So the environment of this place? A work of mastery.  It feels contemporary but that beautiful history is shining.

The LeVeque Tower has a certain elegance to it. Of all the skyscrapers in Columbus, this one is the most distinct and it has that wonderful history to go along with it. When the space was renovated for modern times, it took a deft hand to honor that while making it relevant today. I’m glad to see that care extended to the menu as well. Give this place a try.


  • Don’t forget the drink menu. The bar next door brings in a lot of people in the evenings, and even if you’re not hungry there’s a great experience to be had there.
  • The menu changes pretty frequently, so it’s worth coming back for a few times to try the things that are new.
  • Best to come here if you’re in a seafood mood. Not so? Maybe then go for the sandwiches.

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