Prems Chennai Delight

725 Lyons Rd.
Washington Township, OH 45459
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Taking advantage of both the Indian expatriate population between Cincinnati and Dayton as well as a nascent interest in good Indian food around this part of the state, Prems Chennai Delight is a traditional sit-down-style restaurant that has a relatively small menu of dishes and a modest feel. Comfortable, respectful, and with a love of recipes specifically coming from southern India, this dive is based on the tasty curries and generous spices to really stand out. Worth a try if you want to learn more about this kind of cuisine.

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The cuisine of South India is distinct in that it includes a lot of ingredients more common in southern warmer climates. Rice is a staple food here more so, and things like plantain, coconut, ginger and garlic are more common in this food, as a theme. Some things to try:

  • Andhra Chicken Curry: Chicken curry recipes often have this buttery consistency to them, but this dish has a little more of a stew-like feel to it, heavier on the veggies and maybe a little bit oilier than it might be in other cuisines. Still, highly recommend this one be ordered very spicy.
  • Chicken Kurma: Korma is a little creamier of a dish, and this take on it feels very much like a comfort food. The cut chicken can be a bit of a distraction — dark meat, bone-in, so you have to make sure you don’t bite down on a bone. Still overall a pleasant dish.
  • Chicken Tikka Masala: This one is another of the creamy tomato curry and big chunks of chicken. The thick, tomato-based curry dish is great when you mop it up with some of that great naan.
  • Saag Paneer: This is the typical spinach dish so popular at Indian eateries, this one making for a good main dish. A good option for vegetarian dining, though it can be a bit light compared to what else is on the menu.

Pricing: Pretty on part with the other Indian food places in the area, and I’d consider this one about middle level quality. You get what you pay for, I think, and that’s worth something.

Service: This is a traditional sit-down restaurant where you sit down and you’re served by wait staff. The food takes about an average time to come — though it’s nice to see that it is presented nicely when it does. The folks here are pretty nice though you might occasionally wait for water.

Atmosphere: Prem’s keeps that kind of classic feel of a family restaurant, where you sit and are served. The decor is nice and I’d consider it a good well-rounded kind of place to do a business lunch, a group of friends or a date.

All in all, while it does feel a bit old-fashioned but the food is there and it’s pretty good. Prem’s does what’s important and it does it well.


  •  Good to dine in, but the place is also pretty natural for carry-out too — the food travels well.
  • Go for the spicy food. Indian food, these recipes especially, are better that way.
  • The curry is a good place to start on this menu.

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