Chalan on the Beach

1580 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Facebook pageThere are many, many Hispanic eateries around Miami, most of them either hearkening to the region’s strong Cuban cultural heritage, or the Caribbean destinations nearby. But on Miami Beach, a more global experience can be found. And so, Chalan on the Beach, on the main Washington Avenue stretch, focuses on Peruvian cuisine, a distinct and different kind of food that emphasizes creative uses for rice, a variety of seafood and ingredients many other nations in South America don’t use as often. It’s a unique tint, and it plays really well here.

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The food here is heavy on the seafood, and well worth exploring. Some of the things to try:

  • Paella: The staple food in many parts of Latin America, this Palella is loaded with clams, shrimp, fish, and spices to give the rice-based dish some very serious flavor. Good when shared, because the plate is so big there’s no way one person will want to eat it all.
  • Pescado Sudado Mixto: A mixed bowl of fish, including squid, clams, tilapia, and more, and served in a velvety sauce. Absolutely essential that you get this one spicy. It’s served with rice which you’ll want to use to sop up every drop of that sauce.
  • Cevicho Mixto: An appetizer ceviche, it features more fish and vegetables, much of it raw and relatively straightforward. This app is light, very fresh and easy to like.
  • Lucuma Flan: A good flan is absolutely a favorite desert in Peru, and this one uses a fruit rarely served in the U.S.: Lucuma, a very nutritious fruit that nonetheless doesn’t sweeten it too much. Thick and very pleasant, this flan is well worth a try.

The restaurant is a dinner destination, I would say, because these great dishes are meant to be enjoyed as an experience, not food to take and walk with. The prices are a little higher — pretty on par with what you might pay for dinner elsewhere on Miami Beach. But it gets extra points for how unusual these dishes are. But the people are nice, and the food comes relatively quickly.

Miami Beach is packed with restaurants of all kinds, some tourist traps and others discount places meant to grab food and go. This one is a genuine experience of a unique cuisine worth having. Make a point to give this restaurant a try.


  • This is another restaurant I would suggest visiting with a group and ordering a bunch of dishes that everyone tries. There are just so many good things to try.
  • I also suggest you try many of the dishes spicy, as they’re meant to be eaten.
  • Also consider the desert menu, things aren’t as sweet here, but still worth a try.

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