Burrito San

119 SE 1st Ave.
Miami, FL 33131

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The sushi burrito came to be a big fad a few years ago as the combination of healthy sushi and build-your-own burritos collided. In downtown Miami, where the wonderful warm weather and nearby beach ensures a healthy desire for healthy food, this kind of food thrives. Burrito San has so much polish and such a well trained staff that you would think this was a major chain, but no! It’s a one-off shop and it’s a convenient option for a quick and healthy meal. The food is great, but most importantly, it’s fresh.

You can build your own sushi burrito (self explanatory) or bowl, but there are a few house options they recommend you try. Some good dishes worth trying:

  • Beefy Korean: A mix of garlic beef, kimchee, cucumber, organic scallions, greens and a spicy Korean paste called gochujang. If you know bibimbap, this is a good approximation. As such, it’s best as a bowl.
  • Sumo Salmon: Salmon sashimi with crunchy skin, mixed avocado, organic greens, cucumber, crispy shallots and a spicy mayo. I like this one as a salad too. But the mayo can be a lot. Probably best if you ask for that on the side.
  • Mt. Fuji: Line Caught Tuna sashimi, avocado, wontons, masago caviar, cucumber, organic greens, scallions and a mango sauce. This one, have it as a burrito. Tuna is a wonderful cut of fish, and to have it packed in with the light touch of some veggies and without a lot of other distractions? Well, that makes for a square meal that still doesn’t leave you feeling loaded down.

Prices are pretty inexpensive as they tend to go, though as is the case with other Miami hotspots, this one adds on gratuity. There’s a rewards program if you frequent the place, though, which will make it worth your while.

All in all, this place is amazing for a one-off shop, and I sincerely hope it doesn’t stay that way for long. There are many parts of the country where this kind of healthy eating is hard to come by, and a concept like this one would be very welcome. It’s worth a trip if you’re in downtown Miami, for sure.


  • Good for a healthy lunch, especially a fast one, if you’re looking for an informal meal.
  • There are a lot of sauce options for your burritos. In addition to cutting down on the health factor of the food though, they tend to drown out the great freshness of the fish, too. Recommend avoiding them.
  • Some of the items are better as bowls, others as burritos. Sort of depends on the ingredients.

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