La Sandwicherie

229 14th St.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

It’s very easy to miss this small little stand when you’re on your way to Miami Beach, but it’s definitely worth noticing. A group of French nationals created the stop, a walk up counter with plenty of options for enormous sandwiches served on baguette or croissant and ready to walk and eat with. When the food is served quickly, this makes for a convenient and fast option to grab food and hit the beach, as opposed to the many restaurants in town that sit you down and make you wait a while.

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Everything is made to be picked up and taken with you. And if you like, it’s good with that “magic sauce,” a combination of olive oil, dijon mustard and vinegar. They top everything with this stuff, and it’s good enough that people buy it by the bottle to take home. Some things to enjoy:

  • Chicken salad: By themselves, the sandwiches are just a base of meat and cheese with a huge set of toppings if you like them — lettuce, tomato, olives, hot peppers, onion, cucumbers, and a but of sauce if you like. The salad is good with creamy brie cheese.
  • Smoked salmon: The same, but with smoked salmon. Recommend this one on a croissant, and perhaps skip the cheese. Cream cheese tends to go well with smoked salmon but not a lot else.
  • Smoked salmon croque: One of the few hot meals you can get here, the croque is a French favorite, a hot salmon and cheese sandwich. Served with salad for good measure. Very good if you’re looking for something a little more crunchy.

This shop has two locations — one in Brickell that does a bit more of a steady crowd of Miami professionals, and the other on Miami Beach drawing in attention from the crowd of visitors who frequent the sand and ocean. Both seem relatively low-key, but don’t let that food you, these are really worth loving. There’s the added bonus, too, that this place is open late at night and early into the morning — to 6 a.m. — so if you’re walking back from the bar scene it’s an option that isn’t going to leave you stuffed.

All told, a place worth noticing. There are too many places on the beach grasping for your attention for faux-happy hours and other gimmicks. This one is more genuinely.


  • Best when the weather is good. This is a stand with no indoor seating and sandwiches built to go.
  • Lots of other hot snacks and things to grab and go too.
  • The folks here are pretty good tour guides and can offer insight into the local atmosphere and where to go if you need something.

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