King’s Table Bar & Grill

2348 Grange Hall Rd.
Beavercreek, OH 45431

It’s a popular local watering hole for Beavercreek, east of Dayton, Ohio, and you would be hard-pressed to find a spot quite like it elsewhere in this city. Kings Table is known for two chief draws: an extensive menu of craft beers and an equally extensive game room for pool, darts and other activities. You may not know it but the spot also has a kitchen where it serves up the kind of pub grub so popular all over Dayton, but during the day you will find this spot much less busy than it is in the evenings. The food isn’t bad.

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The menu has some good things to try. Among them:

  • Burger: A pretty self-explanatory dish, this one is topped with blue cheese and veggies to your liking. By default it is cooked well done. It’s also worth noting that some points in the week this burger comes as a deal: One buck. It’s been touted as a well-kept secret in the city.
  • Tater tots: These are worth their own category because a big part of this bar is how many of these things you can get at a time. For not that expensive a price, you can literally get a bucket of tater tots.  It’s a popular option especially in the evening because lots of people come here in groups to drink together and the kitchen is open a bit later than many of the other bars in the area of this type. Good if you want to eat something in quantity, though I doubt they make these in the house or anything.

The bar is usually pretty packed especially in the evening, and it set up allows just about all types of people to enjoy it. The place has an extensive menu of beers if you happen to like variety, many of them also local names. To be sure, more restaurants these days are offering a big variety of beers, but dives like this one are unique indeed.

Among the people of Dayton this bar is a cherished institution. Packed all weekend long, you never know who you’ll run into here and what kind of folks you might meet.  If you want to grab some food while you’re at it, you’ll find an open kitchen and a pretty safe menu of decent foods. The food comes pretty quickly and the price isn’t that bad either.


  • This is a good place to take a group of buddies if you want a night out to play some darts or a game of pool.
  • The craft beer menu here is pretty substantial and if you’re up for something new all the time, this would be a good place to go. The bottles rotate pretty frequently so there’s always something to try here.
  • The bucket of tater tots is very memorable.

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