Avocados Mexican Restaurant (CLOSED)

Editor’s note: As of 2019, Avocados is now closed.

3527 Harrison Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45211
2 starsAs a little neighborhood shop catering to Cheviot on Cincinnati’s West Side, Avocados is a hot spot for margaritas at night and during the day is a pretty well regarded local Mexican shop. It offers a mix on its menu, some of which feel distinctly more like real Mexican food, while other things are more geared to American tastes. It’s a real credit to the place that the menu is so well rounded, without it being overly long or broad. All told it’s a really friendly experience.


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There are plenty of things to like on the menu. What I tried:

  • Tacos: Some of the cheaper dinner platters have the classic tacos with which you’re probably already familiar; these are different. Topped with the meat of your choice and a great helping of cilantro and onions. I was big into the chorizo, or Mexican sausage variety, though the classic al pastor (marinated pork) and the steak options are pretty good too.
  • Lunch combos: These are definitely in the Tex Mex vein, each offers a distinctly American taco (crunchy shell, lots of beef or chicken and not a lot in terms of fresh veggies) along with a side of refried beans and Spanish rice. Like it for the cheap price and the convenience.
  • Guacamole: This is an app that’s easy to overlook but you’re really going to want to get a bite of it! The guac has plenty of avocados and a really nice fresh lime taste to it. Good with chips. So get a lot of chips.
  • Margarita: The classic marg here is a very strong, simple recipe, but it’s oh so pleasant. A little salt on the rim does make a positive difference here. Try this one if you’re really up for something with a kick.

The restaurant isn’t just a sit down restaurant, rather it has a social component to it, the oversized bar is a good place to hang out and there are live music shows on some weekends if you’re wanting to watch them. Overall, the atmosphere does feel like the place could use an update in a few places, but the joy of the little dive is that it can be an adventure sometimes, right?

This dive is hard to spot in Cheviot, but you’ll want to give it a try. Like many of the spots in this part of town, Avocados is about substance over form, good food over anything else. The prices are good and the people are pleasant. This is one to try.


  • This place is a good night spot, come here to grab a drink and watch a game or listen to some live music.
  • The guacamole is great to munch on, try not to miss out on it.
  • I liked the tacos, as well. Make sure you get the real ones — not those on the combo menu, which just aren’t as good.

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