Heini’s Cheese Chalet

6005 County Road 77
Millersburg, Ohio 44654

A favored tourist attraction in Amish country, Heini’s Cheese Chalet, a barn on the edge of the town of Berlin, is the sort of place you will want to really know what you’re getting. Specifically, this place, where cheese is produced in massive quantities, where you can watch each of them made before your eyes and then you get to sample any one of dozens of varieties. This cheese chalet is a genuinely unique experience for the cheese lover in you to try a lot of different varieties. Make a point to stop in for the biggest variety you’ll ever see.

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The shop has dozens of kinds of cheeses to try. Among them:

  • Baby Swiss: The most famous and best known of the cheeses made here, this one has a soft consistency and a mild flavor. The smoked version has a pleasant aftertaste, the lacey version is even smoother.
  • Butter cheese: Every bit the way that it is described. The buttery flavor isn’t too much though!
  • Bermuda onion: Not too much of a cheese flavor to this milder variety, instead that onion has a strong and noticeable kick. Smoked it’s even better.
  • Bacon cheese: Who doesn’t love this combination? Yes, it’s like a nice, slightly smokey and salty kick of bacon in each bite of this cheese. Great on a sandwich.
  • Habanero cheese: This one you will remember. Because it has an enormous kick. It’s got a warm and extreme heat and even one small bite will leave you lingering. If you like, jalapeno is a less mild option too.
  • Cheese fudge: While technically a cheese, it has all the flavor and all the texture of actual fudge. Heath English toffee has a caramel like flavor and a nutty aftertaste, nutty pecan cream cheese has a deeper nutty taste, and rainbow sherbet cream cheese fudge is very sweet.
  • Smokies and beef sticks: In practice these beef-packed dried sticks of meat are the salty meats made to accompany the many cheeses you can try here. Each has a slightly different flavor profile but all in all they’re pretty well-rounded.

More than a simple cheese store, this place is a full experience. You walk in and take a look around and get into line where all of the cheeses can be found. There you also have the chance to sample just about all of them. If you like that, you can step behind the scenes and get a quick tour of the place and see how they make all of their cheeses. It’s a really family friendly experience to see it all, and you walk away with an appetite to try one of the restaurants in town still.

This is a full-fledged experience!


  • Make sure you bring a cooler, because the variety of cheeses here don’t keep for an extremely long time.
  • This is a good place to bring a family.
  • A lot of the cheeses are better smoky.

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