Crepes de Luxe

1979 W 25th St.
Cleveland, OH 44113

This little crepe shop has been a mainstay of the West Side Market in Cleveland for a number of years. It offers a customizable menu of a take and go crepes in both savory and dessert varieties. You watch them expertly prepare the crepe and top it to your liking, then you can enjoy the dish while walking among the other vendors in the market. Which is a nice little perk as you sample the many local meats and baked goods that Cleveland has to offer.

Each crepe is six or eight dollars apiece and topped with a modest number of ingredients that allow the nice batter base to stand out. On the sweet side, it seems the most common menu option is a simple yet delightful a mix of Nutella and strawberries. The savory side is a little more interesting, some of the crepes resemble classic bagel combinations or other kinds of sandwiches. Take for instance the smoked salmon bagel, evoking a much loved New York bagel combo with lox salmon. At Crepes de Luxe, though, the salmon is cooked a little bit when left on the griddle, then topped with salted capers and crunchy spinach on the crepe to give it a very satisfying bite.

West Side Market has a few coffee places, restaurants, and other places to grab food. But if you can see they are as convenient as the small crêpe shop. What a nice experience.  It’s fast, just interesting to watch and something that will heighten the experience of shopping at this market.

Flavors to try: on the savory side the smoked salmon bagel is definitely worth trying, on the swee tside perhaps you might like the Nutella and strawberries version.

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