Burntwood Tavern

2291 Riverfront Parkway
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221

In a remarkable sign of growth, the Burntwood Tavern opened its doors just in 2010 and has since expanded to about 10 locations throughout suburban Cleveland. “Chef driven, guest focused,” each location has a self-described “rustic” interior made principally of reclaimed wood with a menu focused heavily on wood-smoked and wood-fired dishes. Grilled meats of many types, sandwiches and more, all served up on friendly portions. There’s something to be said for this kind of modern kitchen and finding a great niche. It’s nice to see this spot grow so fast.

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The menu focuses on “classic, approachable” dishes with an eye on how to differentiate from the average kitchen. What’s worth trying:

  • Pulled pork sliders: A trio of sliders filled with chopped pulled pork and topped with eggs over easy, a fried hash brown patty and bacon, with a tomato aioli on the side. Each slider has an even balance of each ingredient; it’s not overwhelmed with any one of them. Tough perhaps to get a handle on — the sliders are served stuck together and once you break those eggs you quickly get a mess on your hands.
  • California Chicken: A grilled chicken sandwich featuring an avocado salsa, tomato, bacon, Swiss Cheese, lettuce and a tomato aioli on top. This is a great combination of flavors; the avocado offers a little bit of a creamy sauce (it barely needs the extra spice of that aioli) then the salty bacon and cheese makes for a great sandwich. Not too heavy a sandwich, either.
  • House salad: A mixed green salad topped with gorgonzola beans, some bacon, red onion, tomato and a house dressing something like a thick vinegar-based taste. Pretty memorable.
  • Mimosa: These come in three versions — orange, pineapple and grapefruit. All three are super strong.
  • Nashville Chicken: sweet & spicy chicken, eggs over medium, american cheese, sausage gravy, crispy potatoes. About five of the best breakfast dishes in one. 

The restaurant has sort of the feel of a barn — and that’s not an insult. As its website attests, several of the first locations of the bar were made with pieces of barns. That’s the whole intended feel; as if you are eating in a farmhouse. And it’s kind of a friendly, approachable feeling for a place. The theme makes it a more versatile kind of spot; I found brunch to be a nice informal experience, but with the quality of the food here it’s easy to imagine it would make a good formal dining experience too; one where you can really savor the atmosphere and enjoy some romantic company.

On the outset this concept sounds maybe a bit unusual, but it’s all to interesting once you set foot inside. This is a memorable kind of place!


  • That special brunch menu is really worth a special try.
  • The drinks are pretty strong so, on the other hand, maybe this is a good place for a night out with a date or a group of friends.
  • There are a lot of outdoor patios that are ideal on bad weather days.

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