Grandpa’s Cheese Barn

668 U.S. Route 250
Ashland, OH 44805
websiteIf you have spend any amount of time driving Interstate 71 between Columbus and Cleveland, you undoubtedly have seen the big white barn near Ashland emblazoned “Cheesebarn.” Sure, there are a few different kinds of cheese places in northern Ohio, where many local cheeses are made. But this one is likable because it has a series of businesses all tied into one. Sample some of the many cheeses, pickles, sauces and dips that are made at this place, and you’ll find an engaging experience and a great place to try.

The cheese barn is divided into a few different separate shops. The cheese barn is filled with decorations, an upstairs with locally produced foodstuffs and other kinds of thing. Across the street is “Sweetie’s Chocolates” which sells candies of different kinds and makes its own chocolates. If you like a drink, Red Car Coffee Company can be found outside.

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Some of the great cheese to try:

  • Bacon smoked gouda cheese: The smokey cheese is an easy one-two-three combination; a nice creamy gouda, with that nice bacon flavor and a smokey finish. Wonderful!
  • Black diamond cheddar cheese: This one is a classy type of white cheddar, on the mild end of the spectrum but so nice!
  • Dynamite Dill Cheddar Cheese: Dill is a nice and sturdy flavor. You have to really like that dill aftertaste to jump on this one.
  • Horseradish Cheddar Cheese: That horseradish flavor is strong, but not too strong! Good with meat.
  • Siracha Cheddar: While just a spicy sounding name, this cheese has a slight and warm heat. It’s great!
  • Sweet & Spicy Peppadew: This one has a sweet and sour balance, the sweet first and a little bit of heat later.
  • Bacon cheeseburger: Probably my favorite of the cheeses, this one is pretty straight-up burger flavored. Of course it’s recommended “on a burger or with beer” and I’d concur!
  • Sage: Don’t mind that green color, the sage cheese has a strong herbal flavor! Delicious.
  • Blueberry cheddar: It sounds something like a dessert cheese, instead it’s a very mild cheese and then a blueberry aftertaste. Still goes well with a bagel or something.

This is a good shop to go to with a few people and try some things before buying one. Make sure you bring a cooler or something like that, because the cheese does not have a long shelf life. Instead, make a point to bring a group of people, but it might not be the best attraction for a family — the barn gets a bit crowded and it can get easy to get lost!

This is a tourist attraction that is worth paying a visit too. Nothing like local cheese!


  • Don’t like cheese? Still come in for pickles, ice cream, popcorn, and many other things you can try.
  • The chocolate shop is separate and definitely worth a visit if you like chocolates.
  • Make sure you bring a cooler as the cheese doesn’t keep well.

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