Der Bake Oven

4766 Ohio Route 39
Berlin, OH 44610
websiteBerlin, Ohio is often thought of as the capital of Amish country, far from the beaten path in the northern part of the state and full of little shops. Bakeries. Furniture stores. Little local antique shops. Kitch decorations. It’s a place to get away from the complications of modern life and enjoy some of the old-world simplicity and hospitality. Small town America produces places like Der Bake Oven appear in towns like this and make them extra charming. Along Berlin’s main stretch and open bright and early in the morning, it’s the kind of charm you don’t want to miss.

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The bakery makes just about everything in-house, baking its own bread, donuts, rolls, and pastries. But it has a lunch menu that’s worth remembering. Some of the things worth trying:

  • Chicken salad: Served on a house-made croissant and with a thick chicken salad. The croissant is simple, instead of the typical crisp outside, it’s got a doughy, sweet one. The chicken salad is extremely creamy, the chicken and onion and grape combination makes it just a little sweet. Wonderful.
  • Beef vegetable soup: One of the rotating options for soup, this one has a huge amount of chunky beef and loads of vegetables. And it’s served in a soft bread roll.
  • Donuts: There are a huge variety of donuts, cinnamon rolls, eclairs, and other kinds of things. The sweet and buttery dough that is the hallmark of this place has the added bonus of a lightly fried outside and sometimes a nice creamy inside. Not too much though! Which is nice.

The atmosphere of this place is very friendly; in fact the restaurant staff is very welcoming and pleasant. You can walk in and grab some pastries or ice cream if you like and then wander the street and see the other shops in Berlin. Or maybe you can enjoy that nice patio. Or maybe you can pay a visit to that nice patio. Or maybe you could dine in if you like, the pleasant interior seats only small groups and only a few at a time buy it’s nonetheless an immensely welcoming experience.

This is a nice slice of rural America. A place where you can really enjoy the pleasures of a home-made meal. It’s stupendous. In a town like this, a nice local bakery is a place you can’t want to miss. Give it a good try.


  • This place is open at 7:30 a.m. and it’s one of the earliest such places to open in Berlin. A lot of the tourists and people who like to come through this area find it as a good spot for breakfast.
  • The donuts are especially good, but don’t forget there is a lunch option as well.
  • Dining in is a good option, but it’s not best if you have a big groups.

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