Mansfield Family Restaurant

948 S Main St.
Mansfield, OH 44907
websiteMansfield, in north-central Ohio, is home to a lot of local restaurant chains, most of them pretty low-key places where the locals like to congregate. Mansfield Family Restaurants, a local chain, is one of those operations. Just big enough that it’s always pretty packed often, including on weekends and Sundays. What does this little local diner serve up? Comfort food. And inexpensive, at that. Breakfasts and sandwiches and fried goodies and so forth. You’ll find that really to be a comfortable thing.

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The diner served all-day breakfast, and that’s the thing that gets a lot of people to come here, and then to come back. Some of the great things to try:

  • Cheeseburger: The burger is a frozen patty, which is fine, and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo and of course some nice cheddar. Your typical diner burger, which is to say that it’s pretty good!
  • Chili: You’ll find it on the soup menu, but it’s actually super meaty and full of veggies! Tomatoes, onion and kidney beans really rock for this thick stew. Definitely not a side dish.
  • Grilled Salmon Steak: Grilled and pretty simple! This salmon steak is cooked until it’s very well done and all-in-all pretty peasant. This fillet is served with a few sides — vegetables are highly recommended so as to not overwhelm the natural flavor.

The restaurant is pretty low-key, and that’s the right kind of thing to expect! Mansfield has a Midwestern charm to it, and this place, while simple, revels in the simple things. The wait staff is very friendly and kind, reflecting that small town charm. The booths are constantly filled with locals.

As with many a good small-town restaurant, there is a lot of what might at first seem to be unusual combinations of things. It also happens to be a place where you can play Keno, and where scratch-off lottery cards are sold. As it so happens there are books available. So it’s kind of like a combination convenience store and bakery.

The small-town American diner is a vanishing breed but it’s refreshing to see these kinds of places still bring in so much of the local love. The prices are cheap, service is lighting fast and the menu is a mile long. Modern concepts come and go, the trendy places tend to open and close. But a long-time small town diner business endures. Not bad!


  • Breakfast all day. Along with that, the service here is pretty quick and the prices super cheap. A quick experience!
  • The menu is huge so there’s something for just about everyone.
  • Go for the burgers and sandwiches if you aren’t in the mood for breakfast.

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One thought on “Mansfield Family Restaurant

  1. I had breakfast this morning. Hash, 1 egg sunny side up, OJ and toast. I have been sick vomiting all day. I’ll never go back.

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