Boiling Seafood Crawfish

1446 Bethel Rd
Columbus, Ohio 43220

The art of the crawfish boil: in Louisiana this special kind of cookout is pretty common, but as far north as Ohio, they tend to be something of a rarity. Finding restaurants that serve this special kind of food is a real experience. And so Boiling Seafood Crawfish has attracted a following. Its first location opened in Cleveland Heights and now a second one has set up shop in Columbus, giving Ohio the chance to really experience a crawfish bake of its own. You’ll want to try the place to get a feel for it.

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The signature dish here is the seafood boil. Usually they contain crawfish, but you can choose crab, shrimp, mussels and other things in it, and then they’re boiled in spices and seasonings, usually spicy. And it’s messy: you’re given gloved to eat by hand and the table is covered to avoid some of that oil. You get a bib, but plan to dress in something that isn’t so messy! Some of the things I tried:

  • The Seafood Boil: So a crawfish boil is the thing you have to try here. Most of the options are market price and sold by the pound. There are some options to get introduced to the dish; the “Handful” has a nice mic of shrimp, clams, crawfish shrimp, corn on the cob and veggies. Filling! But very greasy! So plan on that. I suggest you order it with spices! They’re warm and slowly rising and very worth it.
  • Pina colada: The drink is frozen like a smoothie, but not quite too much! A nice drink to cool down that heat in the boil, if you order it that way.

This spot is a good place to really enjoy a cuisine that you don’t much have the option to try somewhere else. The format of the place is pretty nice too, you’ll want to come here wearing something dark! The food is very messy, and in spite of gloves, a bib, table covering and many sinks to let you wash up, you’re going to make a mess here without fail.

For all this experience, I have to say that this place is definitely worth a visit, if for no other reason because you can’t try this food elsewhere. Make a point to try it.


  • You will make a mess here. Dress appropriately. And probably don’t plan to be here if you want to be on a formal event or a date.
  • The crawfish are priced to the market, and each order is coming by the pound. That said, be prepared to come here with a couple or a group. It’s a group experience.
  • There are some sandwiches and other orders here if you don’t want to have a crawfish boil, but it kind of feels like a waste of an opportunity.

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