West Side Brewing

3044 Harrison Ave.
Cincinnati OH 45211

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Newly opened on Cincinnati’s Harrison Avenue, West Side Brewing had a high profile run-up as it raised money and prepared to open, bringing a counter-balance to the beer scene in the other sections of the city. A wide interior with games, long tables and plenty of room to play with, this is a destination stop where you’ll want to hang out for awhile.

To understand Cincinnati, you have to get it has two very distinct sides in the East and the West. The former gets a lot of attention and, in this Cincy native’s perspective, the latter is less understood, especially by outsiders. Something that brings more people this way is always a good thing.

The beer menu has a host of options, many based on your traditional set of craft beer styles. Among them:

  • Amber Ale: Pleasant, warm and very smooth, this one almost feels too light for an amber beer, but it’s got a nice body and a pleasant, almost citrus aroma.
  • Common Ale: A much lighter drink, definitely the first of the beers you should try here. It’s got a very light body, almost too light to taste, but the flavor is subtle! Good in small amounts if you get a flight with heavier drinks too.
  • Pale Ale: Medium in body, the pale ale has just a hint of bitterness to it. The popular cascade hop is the basis of this particular drink.
  • Session IPA: As styles go, this one tends to be above average in terms of bitterness, but the West Side version is pretty manageable.
  • Stout: This oat beer is tasty and has a light character of chocolate which is very nice.
  • Extra Special Bitter: Of course this one is exactly as it sounds — will pucker your lips for sure! Love it.
  • Hefeweizen: A light and almost citrusy beer to start off. Keeping with the tradition of this kind of beer, it’s not too heavy and easy to sort of ease in to a nice afternoon.
  • IPA: A bitter forward taste, and really hoppiness defines this drink. Otherwise it’s pretty straightforward which is really, really nice.
  • Double IPA: Stronger than your typical beer, but no less pleasant. If you like the IPA, this is an upgrade in the flavor department.

There isn’t any food here to speak of at this point, except for pretzels, which is a nice addition. But you’re also allowed to have some food delivered here too, which is also appealing. The laid-back atmosphere overall really provides some charm for this spot, it’s a place that makes you want to stick around, hang out with people for an afternoon, watch a game or play one of those in the bar.

The West Side of Cincinnati is a great place, with so many good food shops and hidden gems. Having a hang out spot like this one, hopefully, offers a chance to bring more people to this neighborhood to enjoy some of those things.


  • All of the beers here are pretty quality takes on their respective styles. This isn’t a place that does as much of an experimental brewery yet, so nothing too exotic on the menu.
  • The long tables and screens make it a place where you want to hang out for awhile.
  • There are other Cincinnati beers on tap if you like.

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One thought on “West Side Brewing

  1. Good review. Note that they have food trucks or equivalent (i.e. catering) every night of the week at this point.

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