Breakfast Club

102 North Broadway St.
Lebanon, OH 45036

Lebanon Ohio is very much a little slice of Midwestern America, with a quaint stretch of Main Street populated by small businesses that are beloved by the locals. Of all the restaurants along that stretch, the Breakfast Club is the resident morning spot. Like many classic pancake houses, you come in, take your order lightning fast, and breakfast is served within minutes. This is classic comfort food, with the simplicity to be enjoyed.

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The venue of breakfast food is very much akin to many one-off diners in small-town America. Some of the things to try:

  • Steak and eggs: A breakfast featuring A 5 ounce sirloin steak, this one will fill you up. Serve with a mountain of eggs cooked to your liking and, as well as A mountain of home fries. Good with hot sauce, it will solve any big appetite.
  • Pancakes: A stack of thick buttermilk pancakes, served in threes, you practically don’t need butter because they’re so light and buttery as it is, but it will certainly enhance the flavor. Three is about all you need for a meal, if you’re looking for a smaller thing to try. They’re about the size of a dinner plate.
  • Eggs Benedict: Two expertly poached eggs over a bagel with that wonderful holiday sauce. Putting the eggs on a bagel is a genius idea, it almost makes for an open faced sandwich. Good to try if you like a heavy egg breakfast.

The place has a great charm to it, there’s a ton of space for people to come through, and indeed patrons usually speed through at a quick pace. A lot of regular seem to frequent it too, you will notice many people unfamiliar terms with the waitstaff, a nice common part about friendly small-town America. Many, many a brunch spot has popped up in urban areas around the country in recent years and it seems that this kind of business is fading relatively quickly. But it’s nice to see that some remain, especially as pressures to innovate have pushed others to different menus.

The prices are pretty inexpensive, the service is friendly and the restaurant has an overall pleasant experience. It’s a credit to Lebanon to see friendly spots like this.


  • This is a pretty low-key place. Come in and get served fast. A lot of people know and like the staff here so expect some of that.
  • The menu is extensive and this “old fashioned diner” has a lot of the favorite comfort foods. Plenty of things plenty of people would like.
  • Smaller groups do best in this relatively crowded diner.

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