Bagels & Schmear

116 E 28th St.
New York, NY 10016

Toward the Flatiron district in New York City, you run into any number of different cafe and deli concepts. Relatively quiet but nonetheless a popular destination, this tiny restaurant does not only sandwiches but baked goodies, cookies cake and cannoli as well. Highly rated on review sites, it tends to be a place people head to for a quick bite between any number of things happening in this part of the city. All together, another good bagel shop that really makes for a straightforward and pleasant meal.

The sandwiches here are good for lunch or dinner. Good things to try:

  • Bagels: Of course you have to have one of these to get another local take on New York’s favorite food! The bagels are a bit more firm and thick, a departure from the soft and airy choices that many other shops in this city prefer. Still good though, especially served warm and especially if you want to top them with something.
  • The House Special: In practice, this is a bagel with lox salmon and a huge slathering of cream cheese. Then it’s also topped with onions and tomato and a few other things. Lox is such a well-liked specialty in New York, and it’s very nice to have a cut of the cold-smoked fish with a firm bagel, that creamy cheese and vegetables. Great and simple for all the additions to the simple New York classic.
  • Vegetable salad: Comes if you like it with chickpeas, corn and chopped vegetables in a vinegar. Simple and crisp.

Like so many other bagel shops in the city, this one is straightforward. You walk in and order from the counter, take your food and go. There is a counter to eat in the restaurant, but for lunch and other rush times, you will want to plan to take food and walk.

All in all, this is the kind of bagel shop that typifies life in New York City. Simple and to the point. The food that speaks for itself. A good experience.


  • This is not just a sandwich shop, but a bakery and it has a lot of cookies, cakes and other things made in house.
  • If you want a good take on the sandwiches here, go for the house special. Simple and delightful.
  • The bagels here are a but firmer and thicker. Different from other NYC shops. But I would say without a question they are best when eaten toasted or otherwise warm. Cream cheese optional but definitely a plus.

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