Green Symphony

255 W 43rd St.
New York, NY 10036

While Manhattan is packed to the gills with greasy pizza, fatty junk food and sugary desserts, Green Symphony is a shrine to healthy foods. Featuring a convenience store of Protein bars, organic popcorn, teas and juices, kale chips and nutritional baked goods, this spot is visited by body builders, runners and altogether a fit clientele. You wouldn’t immediately notice it but the place has a menu of food beyond smoothies and chopped fruit.

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Fitness fanatics often get frustrated that eating out is so hard on a regimen, but this is the kind of place you will want to go to if you want healthy food.

First off: This is very much a place for the healthy eater. Not that type? Skip it. There are plenty of other Manhattan holes in the wall. Health nuts rejoice: steamed veggies, white meat and no-sugar added food is all over this menu. What to like:

  • Rainforest smoothie: A simple mix of watermelon, pineapple and mango.
    No overly sweet sugary syrup added here, this smoothie tastes like good old fashioned fruit. Refreshing without being too heavy.
  • Dumplings: These are filled with shrimp and veggies and are great with just a bit of soy sauce. But of course that takes away from the healthiness of the place. A meal comes with half a dozen which are very satisfying without being too heavy.
  • Steamed vegetables and chicken: This is a dream for weight trainers. Pure and with plenty of nutrients without any of the fat and sugar that comes with grilles or sauteed meals. A bit on the bland side compared to typical restaurant offerings. But healthier and that’s the whole point.
  • Salad: Pretty simple too; chopped iceberg lettuce, carrots and cucumber. There’s a vinaigrette that has kind of a peanut base that comes on the side, as is pretty typical.
  • Organic tofu chili: Thick with beans and firm tofu and plenty of other kinds of vegetables. This is a thicker kind of soup, but still light on salt and oil as chili tends to be. A huge asset if you’re looking for something filling.
  • Apple cinnamon cake: Low fat and low sugar. How do the healthy baked goods stack up? No question different but not in a bad way at all. Instead, it’s a thick cake, not too sweet, still moist and with a natural sweetness in the chopped apples. But few other additives. Cinnamon is such a delightful flavor.

The restaurant has that simplicity that many a New York storefront offers. You could practically pass the place by and never see it, and that’s even if you are looking for something on the healthier end. The food doesn’t take too long to come out, in part because a lot if the customers seem to be ordering for carryout.

No-frills healthy food without too much added to it. If you’re watching what you eat, you quickly realize how frustrating it can be to find a restaurant that doesn’t inundate you with diet-crashing fats, oils and sweets. For the health nut it’s a major relief to be able to eat at a place like this.

A niche restaurant for sure, but if you fall in that niche you’re going to find this restaurant a refreshing escape.


  • The shop doesn’t advertise its menu of hot food very well but it’s a pretty big menu and it’s easy for carry-out.
  • To be clear: if you aren’t watching your diet or counting calories I do not think this is the restaurant for you. But health nuts breathe easy.
  • The smoothies and baked goodies are perfect to dine in or to-go.

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