La Bagel Delight

104 Front St.
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Like any good bagel shop in New York City, La Bagel has a certain charm. The stand-up and take out tiny shop near the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn lets you place an order to-go while being serenaded by the gruff charm of the characters behind the counter. Most certainly, that’s a true New York experience. Bagel stands are all over the place in this city and any good New Yorker will have half a dozen suggestions when you go looking for one. But a stop like La Bagel is certain to be memorable.

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There are plenty of sandwich options here but what you really have to try are the bagels. With just about anything on them.

  • Bagels: It must be something in that Brooklyn water. They are soft and airy when fresh. Just a bit chewy, but not too much! That said, I suggest you make sure to eat them as fast as you can, they dry out and become harder after only a day or two.
  • Lox Bagel: The standard for New York bagel toppings, this option comes slathered with cream cheese and a mountain of smoked salmon. A lighter flavor to be sure, but this sandwich is extremely filling. And that salmon? Just perfect. A bit smokey, a little light.
  • Turkey bacon, egg and cheese: A breakfast sandwich delight. The salty crunchy bacon. The chewy egg. The creamy cheese. Its a time-tested trifecta. Make you you get a few napkins and expect you might end up filling up after half a sandwich.

The shop is light on frills as they come, you walk up to the counter and get your food and wait for it. The gun part about it all is the staff. They’ll rib you a bit, sing to you and altogether have a good time with a colorful note. But the food will be a good experience, they’ll see to that. The food doesn’t take too long, relatively speaking. It’s New York and people like the place so there is frequently a line. But it’s set up as a place where you walk away satisfied and you want to come back.

Altogether, a very genuine New York experience. A crowd, a good sandwich worth a little wait, and colorful folks serving you. Plenty to love.


  • If you’re getting a lot of bagels, plan to eat them fast! These don’t keep for too long. A day at the most.
  • The prices are pretty good but will add up fast if you get a water or side which are a bit elevated in price.
  • Just roll with it. The folks here love the people they serve and what they do. They’re not having fun at your expense.

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