Thai Silver Spoon

249 W Central Ave
Springboro, OH 45066

The spot at 249 W. Central Ave has been the site of a few different restaurants recently, but the new Thai Silver Spoon spot brings a different kind of cuisine to a place previously a Chinese restaurant for a long time. There’s more than one reason to consider giving this place a try, be it the simple but quality menu of Thai noodle dishes and soups, all of which can be made spicy to your liking. This spot is popular with the Springboro crowd and the locals like their food a certain way.

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The menu is shorter but everything on it is effective. What I tried:

  • Tom Yum Soup: Popular as an appetizer, this soup is filled with veggies and is really great when you order it spicy.
  • Pad Thai: The classic pad Thai recipe, served with a ton of peanuts and veggies and generally a pretty fulfilling dish. This one is a bit oily if you don’t like it, but people seem to really like the place for that.
  • Pad See Ew: Thick noodles served with broccoli, eggs and carrots in a thick brown sauce. A bit sweeter and a bit lighter than the Pad Thai and definitely something you would like if you were into something a bit less spicy. All in all, I really think it’s a good thing to try.
  • Drunken Man: These wide rice noodles come in a thick oyster sauce with broccoli, onion, carrots, peppers, and bamboo. So this one of good, it’s got a spicy tint to it. At the same time, this dish has very similar notes to the Pad See Ew. It’s oily and sweet. Now that’s great, but it’s a lot of the similar flavors. Kind of boring.

The restaurant is friendly, for sure. Which is great, it’s kind of a quiet space built into a strip mall near Springboro’s main stretch. The restaurant has price points that are pretty easy to swallow. And the food comes very very fast, even during the lunch hours. It’s a testament to knowing your audience well to being so approachable.

All in all, not a bad place to try.


  • The Pad Thai is a great first thing to try on this menu, it’s a pleasant thing.
  • This restaurant is a good place to go for a quick meal. Any time of the day, in spite of what kind of crowd you might see, food comes fast and prices are pretty reasonable.
  • All of the menu items have an overriding theme of being pretty sweet. So keep that in mind. It caters to the local population, but it’s a lot if you’re used to the Thai food in other places.

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