Central Perc European Cafe

2315 Far Hills Ave.
Oakwood, OH 45419
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For 20 years the main stretch of Oakwood has been served with a very friendly little coffee shop called the Central Perc European Cafe. Coffee shops and smoothie stations have popped up around it in the time since then, and you could still drive right by this little shop without seeing it unless you knew exactly where to look. But it’s one of few really nice British tea houses in the Dayton area, and the menu here is definitely worth discovering.

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This spot is full of lighter dishes and lunch items, but by far the thing to try is the Afternoon Tea. Some ideas:

  • Afternoon Tea: An English traditional idea, it’s served on a tall stack. You start with the small finger sandwiches on the bottom, a mix of meats, salads and other things. Next, you try the wonderful cakes, tarts and pastries in the middle, which offer a sweet and satisfying note. Then, at the top are a set of sweet and crunchy scones, topped with a bit of fruit jam and some whipped cream. All of this is meant to be enjoyed with a nice pot of English tea. Wonderful. Best when shared.
  • Chicken salad: Chicken salad on a bed of lettuce served on a croissant, just a bit of mayo but still it’s creamy and wonderful and even with the flaky croissant it still feels like a pretty light sandwich. Refreshing!
  • Turkey sandwich: Served like a sub, this turkey is topped with apple slices to give it a little of an interesting accent. Another lighter full-sized sandwich on the menu well worth a try.
  • Cafe au lat: This drink is a strong one, french pressed coffee with steamed milk. Frothy on top, like a latte, but still very smooth.
  • Latte: This frothy coffee drink is still very good. Made to be enjoyed over a long period of time!

The cafe is fantastic; it’s very much a quiet place and the food is simple but there’s a real appeal to that kind of simple. It’s approachable and friendly. Afternoon tea isn’t something that a lot of places do, but those that do tend to be very difficult to get in immediately. This one makes the idea approachable, and that’s very nice.

Quiet but very, very friendly. Highly recommended.


  • The afternoon tea is only available on weekends, but I highly recommend if you really like afternoon tea or if you want to give it a try. The price is good and this is probably one of the easiest places in Dayton to sample it.
  • Cash only! There are several ATMs nearby which is convenient. I still have a problem with places that are cash only in 2017 (A card-reading Square device for your phone costs a whole $15 and when the restaurant is getting full with business there’s no excuse about card fees) but keep that in mind.
  • The sandwiches are great, especially preferred in the cold months.

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