Big Sky Bread Co.

3070 Far Hills Ave.
Dayton, OH 45429

Practically hidden along Far Hills Avenue in south Dayton near where Kettering meets Oakwood, Big Sky Bread Co. is an old-school bread bakery that is so easy to under-appreciate these days. The bakery is a classic small-town lunch spot; pleasant aromas waft to the front of the restaurant as french bread, challahs, pretzels and garlic loaves are baked alongside cookies, cakes, and other kinds of goodies. It’s all to easy to ignore the simple pleasures of an old-fashioned bakery like this one. But to enjoy such a bakery is to delight in the simple pleasure of a home-grown original experience.

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The bakery has just about every kind of baked bread imaginable. And on top of that, a lunch menu of soups, salads and sandwiches. Some of the things I really liked:

  • Garlic cheese bread: OK, this is my favorite kind of local bread. A white loaf rolled with cheddar cheese and just the right amount of garlic to give it character.
  • French bread: There’s a real secret to french bread. It has to have a flaky, crunchy crust and a soft, porous bread inside. You can sense that wonderful baked aroma when you break it open. Perfect!
  • Wheat bread: Not too grainy, but still pretty good! This bread is a classic if you like the grainy flavors and it’s good whether it’s toasted, topped with peanut butter or whatever you like.
  • Coffee cake: Trying one of the sweeter dishes, this one is topped with a crumbly that gives it a very notable sweetness. Try it after lunch for a nice dessert — if you have room.
  • Challah: This lively, distinctively braided Jewish bread is nice in little slices and especially nice when shared with a group of people. Enjoy quickly! Best when fresh.
  • Pretzels: Not too thick! Which is nice, because pretzels can be a lot to handle. Best shared, again. It’s a filling pretzel.

The restaurant definitely draws a quieter crowd. An enormous appeal of this place is that relatively small lunch space that has tables for a couple or a small group to enjoy, but which isn’t really suitable for anything other than a very casual, laid back lunch. The spot benefits from being close to a main stretch where many other similar businesses thrive, but it attracts none of the uncomfortable crowd.

All told, this is a hidden gem in Dayton, and one that people don’t appreciate for sure. Make a point to pay a visit.


  • Go for lunch, the sandwich menu is fantastic and has a lot of variety.
  • The baked bread is perfect to-go, and odds are you will find a few things that you like to take home.
  • There are also a ton of cookies, cakes and other kinds of baked goods to enjoy.

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