Wright Wing

1864 Colonel Glenn Hwy.
Fairborn, OH 45324
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Set up just a bit of the beaten path in Fairborn (and briefly having a sister location in Ketteting), Wright Wing is a local watering hole in every sense of the word. Comfortable, full of TVs to watch any number of local ball games, and with a simple menu full of pub grub, this is the place you’ll want to bring a few buddies to enjoy a game or two. The food is a pretty safe bet, and overall it’s one of the better hole-in-the-wall places to love in suburban Dayton.

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The bar is simple to say the least, and that’s a good thing. Plenty of substance here with every tap full of a good beer and every spot on the menu taken with something different. What I liked:

  • Pizza: Columbus-style pizza, meaning thin crust and square cut but loaded with toppings and cheese. This one is good to share.
  • Wings: The traditional wings have a decent heat to them, and they’re huge. A few will fill you up. Get a bunch only if you have a bigger table that wants to share, or you’ll get heartburn fast.
  • Cheeseburger: The best thing on the menu, for its uniqueness. It’s topped with fried jalapeno slices which add a distinct heat, and a provolone cheese that does just a little bit to mellow the whole thing out.
  • Chicken Tenders: These come as an app and they’re extra crispy but still moist on the inside. Served with two sauces, one a nice buffalo-style and the other a little more like a sweet chili sauce. Pretty good!

A pretty down-to-earth place, the staff is great and the bar is comfortable, the lunch hour draws a crowd but nothing like basketball season. The locals mostly frequent the place as well as an occasional Wright State University student or two. Prices are good and the food comes fast. For all of that, Wright Wing has a definite appeal. Dayton is full of little local bars and the menus of many of them begin to blur together, so it’s really nice to see this one standing out so much.

Not too big, not too small, no frills but still toting a memorable line of good food. What more do you need? Fairborn is served well by this bar, it’s just a quality experience.


  • The bar is good for a group, and it’s pretty family friendly too. The clientele is mostly locals and Wright State students.
  • Try the burger, it’s one of a few things here that are very distinct great tries.
  • This is a pretty good bar to go to if you want a low-key night but still to enjoy some good beers in a neighborhood spot.

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