Gordon Ramsay BurGR

3667 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
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Chef Gordon Ramsay may have pioneered this namesake restaurant concept in the Planet Hollywood Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, and with a simple mission: a better burger. With a bold concept and a fantastic deputy in place in Chef Christina Wilson, BurGR sits on the hyped Las Vegas Strip, but there’s a real substance to the food that is served here. This isn’t just average food with a big name attached; it’s a genuinely different kind of burger. I’m liking it.

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The burger menu is the main attraction, and while they’re a little pricier they are definitely worthwhile. Each grilled over apple and adler wood and (true to his TV appearances) Ramsay’s name is attached to burgers that are medium rare, perfectly. What to try:

  • Hell’s Kitchen Burger: Succulent beef, juicy to the extreme, topped with a sharp asadero cheese, roasted jalapenos, avocado and a pesto aioli that doesn’t overwhelm you with heat in the first bite, but you’ll feel warm after a few. The burger is moist and the meat is cooked flawlessly. Even the bun it’s served with is great. This has to be a good first-burger.
  • Farm Burger: A simpler creation, a breakfast burger topped with ‘duck breast bacon,’ an ever-savory salty meat, a sharp cheddar and a fried egg on top. That egg is the key to enjoying the burger. break it just so the yolk makes a nice sauce for all of the dish. Love it.
  • Truffle Parmesan Fries: This extra large side features ample Parmesan and “truffle salt” atop steak fries. They’ve got a very strong flavor! And they’re served with a tahini-like aioli heavy on the garlic as well as a house ketchup. Very likable, but make sure you share with two people (or three) because this is huge.

The restaurant has a casual feel, but it’s definitely worth heading to before the crowd; right in the front door of the Planet Hollywood casino, a line forms around dinnertime and is grows, and fast. The restaurant has a nice menu of drinks and milkshakes that are hard to forget. Prices are high no doubt — each burger is in the $15 range and that’s without a side, so you’ll get out of the place paying something like $50 for two burgers and a side, but when many of Ramsay’s other concepts are just as pricey, it’s fine to say this one is a worthy experience.

Gordon Ramsay’s face is all over this place, though the day-to-day oversight of the kitchen falls into different and very capable hands. The strip is full of overpriced, over-simplified concepts, but this is absolutely one that delivers in the quality department. Ramsay’s Vegas presence is one worth trying.


  • The Hell’s Kitchen burger is a good place on this menu to start, but make sure you like spicy food, this one can have a noticeable heat.
  • Sides are meant to be shared by two, or preferable three people. They’re way to big to tackle alone.
  • Come early, the line grows fast at dinner.

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