Boosalis Baking

175 E Alex Bell Rd #280
Centerville, OH 45459
websiteboosalis-baking-centerville-oh4 starsPopular with residents in the south suburbs of Dayton, Boosalis Bakery started up a few years ago and quickly gained a following for its baked goods, gentle atmosphere and very kind staff. The “from scratch daily” mantra adopted by owner Matt Boosalis in practice brings a lot of freshness everyday. When the shop moved from the Miami Township area to Centerville, its fans followed. On any given weekend you can find a lot of people streaming in for a lunch or for something sweet to take home.

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The bakery has a lunch menu that is worth trying by itself. Some of the things to try:

  • Panini: A Florentine-style sandwich, this one has a bit of cheese, spinach and tomato which is very tasty. Toasted to perfection, it’s good by itself. Or you might want a cookie for good measure. Either is good.
  • Chicken salad: A peppery and slightly salty chicken mix that delivers a punch. The bread isn’t toasted but it’s still very tasty. This one is good as a lunch meal with a cup of pasta or maybe a baked goodie. End result is good one way or another.
  • Chocolate Croissant: Rather than the distinct half-moon shape, this croissant is a bit more like a roll. And for a nice surprise on the inside, it’s filled with a nice chocolate.
  • Ginger Molasses Cookies: These thick cookies resemble ginger snaps, but the snap is a little less sharp and the cookies have a bit of a sweet side to them. Pleasant because it’s not too overwhelming on that ginger.

The bakery is a very pleasant, low-key place. Nestled in a strip mall near the Interstate 675 interchange, it’s still a quiet place and it draws a regular crowd. But the real charm to it is the staying power it has with its customers. They love to come in and interact with Matt and his staff, all of whom seem to have a personal connection with just about everyone who walks in. It’s a very, very pleasant and friendly experience you’d only find in a smaller Midwest town. This place lacks nothing in charm.

All told, bakeries are spots too easily overlooked, but it helps that this one offers a really nice option for lunch. And that lunch is sure to be a really good experience. This bakery has a good reputation in town for a reason, it’s genuinely a nice place to be. Give it a try!


  • There are choices for lunch if you aren’t partial to just baked goods. Recommended if you like to relax and take your time in a place.
  • Try the ginger molasses cookies if you’re stumped to sample something first.
  • I really liked the sandwiches, and I recommend for a light meal.

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