3 Palms Pizzeria

60 Village Way
Hudson, OH 44236
website3 stars

A little pizza shop serving the quaint little Cleveland-area town of Hudson, 3 Palms Pizzeria has a very simple feel, but this Italian eatery focuses on its pizza. Named for the older custom of measuring (by the palm of your hand) the restaurant features a wood-fired oven, and each pizza’s dough is shaped and rolled by hand. The oven enhances the flavor and makes each pie a little bit different from the next. It’s a nice place to bring a group of people to eat, and it’s a bakery and a bar that can’t be passed up, either.

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Naturally, the pizza has to be the first thing that you try here. But there are a lot of things on the menu that are worth a try. What’s good:

  • Formaggio Di Capra: Like all of the pizzas, this one sources as many of its ingredients locally, including the goat cheese, and it’s also topped with prosciotto, basiland garlic, with cherry tomatoes added once it’s out of the oven. Wood-fired pizza has that wonderful distinct crunch thanks to a crust that is crackly and dry, but the end result is just great.
  • Meatball Plates: One giant, fresh meatball served with choice of sauce. Then it’s served with a house ciabatta bread and ricotta cheese that is produced by 3 Palms. There are beef, turkey, lamb and vegetarian choices for this one, the original did just fine.
  • Caprese Salad: Even the small version of this one is big. Featuring ripe tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella cheese. Then its seasoned with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It’s best when shared. Nice to see so much tomato, but this isn’t something you will enjoy very much on its own.

Not on the menu is the big bakery which also features breads made in the oven. It cant’ be overstated how different the taste of wood fired bread can be. It’s got that nice crisp crust that locks in those wonderful bread smells and tastes. There are also Italian desserts, pastries and gelatos here too, which can be made to go.

This pizza place is pretty nice, it’s in an upscale area with a small-town feel and the people inside are just great. The price points are pretty reasonable and, even in a rush, they seem to be able to get food out pretty quickly. It’s a nice experience here.


  • The pizza has to be the first thing to try on the menu, it’s the largest part and the concept revolves around that wood fired grill.
  • Don’t forget the bakery either. There are a lot of kinds of bread you can take with you.
  • This is a good place to grab a (new) beer and it’s got a pretty good wine menu, too.

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