Taco Tontos

13321 Madison Avenue
Lakewood, OH 44107
websitetaco-tontos-cleveland-oh3 starsA Cleveland-area group of restaurants that are primarily small taco shop bars, Taco Tontos is a popular place with the natives here, specifically because it has huge portions and some great dips to top them. This spot has a very likable concept for how approachable it is and how easy it is to bring a group of friends and have an enjoyable meal. The place isn’t half bad, but make sure you know what the dishes are that you don’t want to miss here.

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There’s a definie order of things here, the restaurant is all about a few dishes which you have to try first. Some of the things I liked:

  • Tacos: These are huge! First you may balk at the price of them, but each one is about the size of two or three tacos in a regular place. Each comes with a few different kinds of meat of your choice and is very filling with one. But on the same token, they’re a little basic. Maybe would be better if the tortilla was grilled or the veggies were grilled fajita style.
  • Queso dip: This app is a must-try. The queso dip is fantastic! Served up very thick and with a few chopped veggies inside. It’s gooey and best when snacked on before the rest of the food arrives. Then once you’ve run out of chips…put it on your other food!
  • Guacamole: The best guac is the simplest stuff, right? The guac here is thick and chunky. Needs a good dose of lime to add some freshness.
  • Margaritas: These are pretty strong and mighty salty if you order them with a rim. But still worth the taste.

The restaurant is mostly built for smaller crowds; it;s got a lot of tight spaces and the bar is nice but the tables are small. That said, if you ask for the big table in the back you would be able to grab a seat for a larger group of people. All told, the price points are pretty good, and while Tontos is a bit crowded, it’s also very friendly and well-liked by the locals. There’s something worth saying about that.

Little community bar and taco shops like this are a favorite haunt in neighborhoods like Lakewood, and while there are a ton of places to try in the area, this is one the locals will certainly point you to. And it’s not bad, either!


  • The Lakewood location, at least, is pretty crowded. If you have a bigger group be sure to specifically request the big table in the back which can seat eight to ten.
  • One taco at this shop is huge and will feed you like two or three elsewhere. it will also cost in that vein.
  • The bar is small, but the drinks here are very worthwhile.

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