La Mexicana Restaurant & Grocer

642 Monmouth St.
Newport, KY 41071
Facebook pagela-mexicana-newport-ky4 starsNewport, Kentucky is dominated by the huge developments along the river, but this town is much more than that. The historic stretch of town to the south is home to plenty of great little restaurants, dive bars and small businesses. Amid the bevy of interesting food to try, you can find little storefronts like La Mexicana, a taco stand and shop with big-time tasty Mexican dishes and preparation styles for Tex-Mex favorites and more authentic dishes alike. It almost feels over the top, but this spot is all deliciousness.

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The restaurant is pretty small and its menu is pretty straightforward. But I would argue it’s more authentic food than you’d easily be able to find in this area. Among some of the things I have tried here:

  • Tacos: Of course you have to give these a try! Get them as a meat of your choice — I particularly liked the steak option for a simple and rich quality experience. Or also good is a spicier barbacoa option. Whatever you get, the taco is topped simply with chopped onions and cilantro and the option of lime on top. The freshness is key here, these tacos are some of the better ones to try in the city!
  • Torta: A simpler Mexican sandwich, this is served on a flatbread with a meat of your choice and then some lettuce and onions to top it off. Again here, the fresh ingredients speak for themselves. But you get the great benefit of the toasted bread to make this a heavy meal. Half will fill you up. Only suggestion: don’t get the pork option. True to form, this pork has a lot of gristle attached and, paired with the grilled bread, is hugely buttery.
  • Chips and salsa: These don’t come automatically, but I recommend you spend a few bucks to get them anyway. Thick fried tortilla and a salsa that is very fruity and full of herbs and spices. Wonderful.

Cincinnati is hope to a lot of great Mexican and Tex-Mex options, but some of the most authentic and wonderful choices turn out to be the most nondescript. This one doesn’t advertise too much, but it doesn’t need to, the product has people coming back. I highly recommend this place if you’re looking for an underground greasy spoon.

All told, the place is awesome, and you really ought to give it a try. Prince points are good, the food is great, and it’s too easy to pass by an excellent eatery like this and never know.


  • Chips and salsa aren’t automatic here as they are in many other places, but I highly recommend you spend a few bucks to try them.
  • The grocery is relatively small and only really seats groups of two or three or four. But in warm months the place is a great space.
  • Try the tacos of course, but be aware some of those meats can be fatty. Simplicity is key!

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