Ranch One

4474 Glengarry Dr Space H-110
Beavercreek, OH 45440
website ranch-one-beavercreek-ohio3 starsA reborn concept with just a few locations now, Ranch One is a fast-casual sandwich shop. This reinvention of the concept is often paired with other restaurant concepts often in the similar price range, making quick and easy to go meals and combinations, and focused in heavily commercial areas.  It’s pretty safe to say that you’ll have a decent meal here, but whether or not it’s really that different from other chain restaurants and a very similar sandwiches they purvey is a question I ask before considering a special trip.

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The menu offers a couple different options for chicken, some of the grilled and some of that fried, and combinations that can come with a side of fries and other things.

  • Chicken club: A grilled chicken sub sandwich with  Bacon, avocado, veggies, and an in-house sauce that’s very tasty. The club is best when it’s grilled, though it’s not like it’s exactly a healthy sandwich. What’s best, it’s served on a six inch bun like a sub, so it’s pretty neat to eat without making a big mess on yourself. And that grilled chicken is pretty good, though likely comes frozen to the store.
  • Fries: Cooked in peanut oil (you can smell it,) these fries are thick and delicious.
  • Rice Bowl: Ranch One does these brown rice bowls featuring its chicken, chopped up and presented with veggies and a sweet teriyaki sauce. The chicken has a slightly smoky flavor, likely liquid, but the end product isn’t bad. It doesn’t leave you feeling over-stuffed the way a bunch of fried food would, either.

The restaurants are not fully realized as standalone concepts yet; instead they are connected to other places, which are often fast-takeout style restaurants found in shopping centers, such as Great Steak & Potato.

It’s nice to see the new idea for this concept bring it back into the limelight, especially with the recent restaurant trends, which have favored something a little higher quality than you may typically find. The spot benefits from the great foot traffic, and through that, perhaps, Ranch One will revive the brand which once had scores of locations around the country. I like it for that.

The place is simple, the concept is nice, and the workers are pretty nice. I hope to see more locations of this spot spring up.


  • The combo meals are much loved and feature sandwiches, rice bowls, and chicken wings. There are fried favorites and healthy options alike. Not bad.
  • The chicken sandwiches are a great option for a first try.
  • The locations are franchised as a concept, and so you will often find them co-branded with other restaurant concepts.

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