The Drunken Waffle

Dayton-area Food Truck
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A Dayton-area mobile food operation which serves a host of waffle-themed foods “based on beer,” The Drunken Waffle can be found at the breweries and food truck rallies around town, often a spot that offers thick and hearty comfort food to go with a few good local beers. While the spot has a lot of great things to offer, the ever-changing menu is what really makes it a great place to visit. You can expect to find more than a few good things to try here.

The Drunken Waffle doesn’t solely do breakfast, but breakfast is a big part of what it does. Some of the things I tried:

  • Chicken and waffles: The favorite two-part dish that is so popular these days. The waffles are cooked until they’re just a bit crunchy. But they’re not just breakfast waffles! They’re served with a set of chicken tenders
  • Waffles: So the plain waffles by themselves, even without anything else are great! Not too sweet and often served with just a few herbs cooked in. They make a great base, though, for a many kind of waffle-based meals you can try here, ranging from waffle sandwiches with ham and cheese, to waffles topped with eggs and gravy, and yes, even waffle burgers!
  • Tacos: If you don’t feel like waffles, tacos are usually the second choice on the menu. You pick from drunken chicken or beef as your protein, or have a taco that is made of sauteed veggies instead. Served on a flour tortilla with lettuce, sour cream and pico de gallo, you’ll find these a very worthy snack or meal alternative.

The truck does a lot of fun things that keep it popular year-round, especially around downtown Dayton. Fridays it often offers taco day, and it’s also got delivery! Yes, one of few food trucks to offer something like that. On weekends, it can have brunch offerings, and it serves them around downtown’s different cool housing spots. The price points on each food item are pretty reasonable for the Dayton market, and the food doesn’t take too long to make, which is good.

This truck has taken things a step beyond the traditional mobile-walk-up-cuisine model, and become a full-scale service and a presence in downtown Dayton, offering some things the average truck does not. It’s not your average truck, and it’s one you’ll want to get to know. Go for it!


  • They offer delivery in downtown Dayton! If you like, check out the (pretty active) social media accounts to find where they will be any one day of the week.
  • And every Friday, the truck can be found on Courthouse Square in downtown.
  • The waffle sandwiches and waffle brunches are great, but the tacos aren’t an afterthought. Those are worth a trip of their own, as well.

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