Asiana Korean Restaurant

6875 Fountains Blvd. G
West Chester Township, OH 45069
Facebook pageasiana-korean-restaurant-west-chester-oh
4 stars

The growth of West Chester has meant many kinds of new restaurants have followed as population and offered an increasingly diverse array of great foods. It’s no short task to try and keep track of them all. A stalwart hole-in-the-wall in the sea of ever changing trendy names, Asiana Korean Restaurant is a relatively low key place, catering to the Asian American population of southwest Ohio with a simple joy: Korean food. The restaurant offers dishes few other places which are not so niche would bother to try, but the end result is something altogether amazing. A trip to Korea will leave you hungry for the foods that typify the land. This spot brings them to Ohio and in a good way.

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The restaurant’s menu is all Korean, and while it has some of the common names, like Bibimbap and japchae noodles, many more unique things can be had here. Some of the things I tried:

  • Banchan: The typical appetizer in Korean good, this spot serves an epic eight different kinds of food. Look out or you’ll fill yourself up on these! A few that I like include a kimchi (very spicy, but still good) fish cake (a little spicy, but still sweet) some collared greens (still very soft and tasty) and kongjang (a hard bean in a dark sauce, soy-braised soybeans)
  • Seafood Hot Pot: Also called Jeongol, this hot pot feeds a family, and its fully topped with crab, squid, shrimp, swai, tofu and vegetables, all topping a big bed of udon noodles. This hot pot is expensive and you have to make sure to bring at least two (preferably, four) people. But it’s huge, delicious, and wonderful.

The restaurant is a nice spot to try some Korean food, it’s a real hole in the wall. It’s a simpler restaurant, the decorations are relatively run-of-the-mill. But don’t let that fool you, this place is absolutely great, the food is very tasty and the spot is one that attracts a lot of Far Eastern expatriates who want to reclaim a little bit of home. I love it for that kind of comfort, because places like this one have a great deal of substance to it.

I really enjoy this spot — the food is decent in price and the menu really offers something unique in the market. Give it a try.


  • The menu here is all Korean food, if you’re new to the cuisine you’ll find a few comfort dishes like Bibimbap and noodles. But even hardcore Korean fans will find food here that aren’t often found in this part of the world!
  • Getting a hot pot? Plan to share it with someone. Or, really, two or three people. It feeds a family.
  • The food here is good if you like spicy things. Bring a fire-breather!

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