Packy’s Sports Bar & Grill at the Hope Hotel

10823 Chidlaw Rd. A
Dayton, OH 45433
websitepackys-sports-bar-fairborn-oh3 stars

While it’s materially located on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Hope Hotel is actually open to the public. It enjoys a great deal of history connection in the city: here is where the Dayton accords were signed, the peace agreement that ended the Bosnian War. In spite of that place in history, though, the restaurant here is relatively unknown. A bit part, I think, is that you have to drive toward the gate of the base (where MPs stare you down) so it can be intimidating. But Packy’s is a laid-back spot and it’s not one to miss out on.


The sports bar is a wide and spacious. Naturally, it’s popular with incoming base personnel during the morning brunch and lunch hours. But there’s plenty of space in the bar for newcomers. Some of the rotating items on the menu I’ve tried:

  • Bacon and eggs breakfast: A simple and favorite breakfast, the strips of bacon are cooked until they’re well-done, but just before turning crispy. The scrambled eggs are perfect for hot sauce. The side of hash browns are a bit drier but still good.
  • Gazpacho: This Spanish dish is a soup of raw vegetables. An interesting offering for Miami Valley Restaurant Week, this soup is comforting and homey. A great dish.
  • Gouda bisque: This thick soup was also a seasonal creation; the soup has a nice, smokey cheese base to it, which makes the whole thing pretty pleasant.

The expansive bar here has plenty of room for people. In general, the big crowds here really come on the schedule of the base; there is an early breakfast crowd, a lunch crowd and an after-4 p.m. happy hour as airmen and government employees flow out of the base. But still, the spot has plenty of space for people.

All in all, the bar is a pleasant experience. The price points are good, the atmosphere is laid back and the food is pretty good. Packy’s benefits greatly from its relatively unknown location outside the fence at Wright-Patt, which means some untapped potential for folks looking for a new bar experience. Worth a try.


  • Transportation remains one of the biggest things that keeps people away from this spot. Remember, turn right before you come to the base gates.
  • The breakfast time sees a notable crowd, so does lunch. But the base goes on a different work schedule than many other places so the evening crowd comes and goes a bit earlier than other places.
  • Breakfast is probably my favorite meal to try here.

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