Mr. Pot

1178 Kenny Centre Mall
Columbus, OH 43220
Facebook pagemr-pot-columbus-oh4 starsNestle the way in the suburbs of North Columbus, Mr. pot only sells one thing: Chinese style hot pot. This is a unique kind of eating that lets you cook meats, seafoods and vegetables in a boiling broth and then dipping them in a sauce of your choice. It’s an immensely popular dish in Asia but this kind of cooking really hasn’t penetrated its way to the United States, except on a small scale with restaurants like this. Come hungry, this place will fill you up quickly.

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So the menu offers a large number of meats, from lamb to beef to chicken and seafood. The way it works is that you dip The meat into the broth and then you let it cook for a short amount of time, then pull it back out. Be careful! It will be hot. Some things to try:

  • KC Style Beef: Best in a darker broth, but still season with spices that make it interesting and a little bit spicy.
  • Lobster Balls: Best in a lighter sauce, these only take a very short amount time to cook and then they’re ready. Still very soft.
  • Lamb: be very delicate with this one, it only takes a few seconds to cook and then it’s done. Best in a darker broth, then topped with a nice smoky sauce.
  • Pork Balls: smaller so you can cook them over a shorter amount of time, but still make sure they’re cooked. These are good on their own without any sauce.
  • Squid: tasty, though The large rings it comes in can be a bit chewy if you overcook it, so be careful.
  • Bok Choy: this stuff just needs to be dipped in the broth briefly to be introduced to a little heat so they will wilt. Excellent.
  • House special fried chicken: Nothing complex about this one ha. Just very peppery fried chicken. Sometimes you’re in the mood for it.
  • Beef balls: Minced finely and stuffed with cheese, these balls are dunked in hot broth and then picked out and dunked in wonderful hoisin sauce.

Make sure you do not ignore the many options of sauces that can be tried, there are about a dozen different ingredients you can add up to create a sauce of your choosing, from garlic to hoisin to sesame, onions and ‘oyster sauce.’ For some, this will make the experience worthwhile.

All told, the The restaurant is a bit more expensive than average, with each diner probably paying about $30, but it’s an experience that’s extremely worth having. The spot is popular with expatriates from China for how tasty the food is. Well I recommend you might go with someone who is familiar, in order to learn the right way to cook the food, in the end you will be very impressed by the place.


  • It’s highly suggested you get a separate pair of chopsticks just to deal with raw meat. For safety.
  • While optional, the sauces you can build to eat with your meat will greatly enhance the dish. Experiment with a few different kinds before you make one in quantity.
  • The default hot pot comes with two different kinds of broth, I recommend you get a beef-based one for red meat, and miso or one of the others for later meat and vegetables. The broth will absorb the flavors of things put in it, keep that in mind.

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